A New Take on The Puffy Dress Courtesy of Cecilie Bahnsen

Published 01/02/2020
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Copenhagen fashion week is over, but we are far from over what we’ve seen this past week.

Although wearableness seemed to be the general theme of this fashion week in Copenhagen (will get back to that later this weekend) some brands found back hard on the pants + top epidemic. One of them was of course Cecilie Bahnsen. Cecilie has made a real name for herself by creating the princess dresses you always knew you wanted but didn’t really know how much until you saw them. The by now iconic dresses could have been what you in music call a one hit wonder, but Cecilie keeps taking out breath away season after season by renewing her look.

So how does one make a puffy, floating princess creation work for everyday wear?

This has always been a heart Q for Cecilie Bahnsen since start only judging her design. She takes these dream creations and pair them with the most average pieces and create a look suitable for any way of the week. I look at it like eating hotdogs at Versailles or having caviar at a camping.

I would say that Cecilie Bahnsen did play a major part in creating the dad on vacation sandal trend by showing velcro sandals on the runway last year.

Raincoats are totally cool

Does it get any more everyday living than rain coats? This detail says so much about the danish way of living too. Wear your best dress to work, but don’t forget the weather is quite unreliable so don’t forget your rain attire.

No dress is too fancy to wear with a knit

A couple of years ago, wearing a knit to your very fancy dress would have been a mockery. Only fancy clothes was appropriate to wear with fancy clothes. This is a rule that street style, with the danes in at the head, has killed. And thank all the possible Gods for that.

With a sustainable lifestyle in mind, why wouldn’t you want to wear the fanciest in your wardrobe every day? For all we know, life could end tomorrow, and I don’t know about you but I would have wanted to depart from this life wearing a very good outfit. Saturday at the Opera or a regular Tuesday or not.

Street wear might be dying (according to resent studies) but sneakers and goofy socks are still very present

This quickly escalated into me trying to talk you into wearing dreamy dresses every day, right? I saw it coming though.

But the color coordinated sock + sneaker combo might be the velcro sandal of this fall. Just saying.

Published 01/02/2020

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