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Published 05/09/2021
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I have always had a love and hate relationship to crochet, I have struggled between feeling like my grandmothers old table cloth (which by the way is amazing) and an incredible MiuMiu runaway look. But I have never really coped with either way, funny isn’t it? Because earlier this summer, when Miu Miu presented their AW21 show in the middle of, what looked like Narnia, with an entire army of crochet – it suddenly felt so obvious:

Who am I fooling? Of course I am a crochet girl.

So this summer me and Fanny found out new great ways and occasions to wear it, and I can ensure you that crochet isn’t just a summer fling anymore. Lean back and see.

Dress made for swimming

There are a few garments you immediately feel “this is a great piece for swimming”, if its not a bikini or another piece of swimwear ofc. But when I saw this dress, that was exactly what I said out loud. Crochet or not, it really lived up to its expectations. When swimming season is over I will keep wear is as a dress, but preferably over a t-shirt and jeans. Layering at its best, I guess.

Swimsuit, Fendi
Dress, Ganni
Sunglasses, Bottega Veneta

It takes two to Tango

Did you know crochet skirts are great party wear? And did you also know me and Fanny 8/10 times ends up buying the same pieces? More or less every time we discuss each others next purchase, and then we end up buying it the both of us (haha) but in different color combinations. I love it, but people often asks us why we do it and if the other one sometimes get pissed off? Well, thank you for asking. But no. We always ends up looking like question marks and answer why should we? We both obviously have great (same) taste and love sharing it. I get so tired of this business sometimes, why work with fashion if you don’t like others wearing the same stuff like you? Then you obvious have misstaken the idea of your profession.

Well, back to crochet. And skirts.

It wasn’t only MiuMiu who opened up my eyes for crochet. Also Bottega Veneta did. When they launched Wardrobe 01 and these skirts with matching jacket, me and Fanny said like a choir “yes, here we have Hobnob business looks. And party looks. And vacation looks”. Haha. It ended up being our best tango skirts and not a bad guess at all.

Fanny wears top from H&M, skirt and shoes from Bottega Veneta.

Linn wears top from Christopher Esber,
skirt and shoes from Bottega Veneta.

Gown faster than a Ferrari

Or at least looks like it. To be honest, I am not fast at all in this dress. It’s heavy as fudge. This dress is far from a table cloth feeling, honestly it might be one of the best dresses I own. And will be for many many years. This summer I haven’t left the house without it in my suitcase, just in case if I want to feel really fancy without a reason. Well you never knows when the flash hits from a clear sky, right? And I love that.

Dress and sunglasses from Bottega Veneta

Speaking of great dresses

I am not ready to leave the subject crochet dresses real yet. Fanny wore this amazingly heavy knitted one and I can really see her (and myself) wearing it with black stockings with a matching turtleneck underneath in a week or two.

Dress and bikini H&M, sunglasses Chanel and necklace Blue Billie.

Or if you are not that into dresses

Or is just pretty damn tired of them after this summer, like me. I honestly just want to wear heavy suits and great denims right now. Lucky me I just arrived to a 30 degrees hot Milan, yey.

Circling back to the crochet piké. I believe it is definitely having its giant comeback this fall. Imagine with a crochet bra underneath and great denims. It is a yes from me.

Fanny is wearing piké from H&M, skirt Christopher Esber, necklace Svenskt Tenn and sunglasses Bottega Veneta.

Who said crochet bra?

Why wear boring bras then they can be In crochet? Such a nice detail to wear under a suit or like Fanny does here, with high waisted pants and a vest. It doesn’t have to be a summer flirt, why not wear it over a crispy shirt or a thin knit? The possibilities are never ending if you ask med.

Fanny wears bra and vest from H&M, hat Jacquemus and pants from Gina Tricot.

May I order a dress with a side of spagetthi?

That would definitely be the order if this dress was a dish on a restaurant. Imagine or not, but I saved this dress this summer to wear with jeans this fall. It will be the perfect compliment when feeling to less wearing a plain sweater, but too much wearing a great dress. Are you with me on that thought?

Dress Eytys, shoes Bottega Veneta and earrings are Balenciaga.

Now I can’t wait to fall (in love) with more crochet and knitted pieces, that is not a cable knit or wool socks. I will keep you posted.

Published 05/09/2021

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