Vintage, Pre-Loved and Second Hand, Loved Children Have Many Names

Our favorite fashion insiders share their best purchases and what they dream of right now

Published 01/09/2021
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Vintage, pre-loved and second hand, loved children have many names, but pre-lived garments and accessories have many more. What if I told you that you can have the bag you want, for half-off? You’d say yes in a heart-beat, wouldn’t you? But what if I told you that you can have the bag you are dying for, for double its retail price? Doesn’t it make you want it even more? With fashion being too limited edition for its own good, the second hand market is thriving. And although the crazy limited edition goods aren’t what most people end up buying, it sure has pushed the re-selling industry into a golden age. Come for the crazy prices on Supreme x Louis Vuitton bags but stay for the good prices on last season’s Bottega Veneta dresses and Prada skirts circa 2003. 

I find that previous generations have taken great pride in buying everything new. The new generation is taking that same pride into never buying anything new. Old is the new new.  

Marcus Söder, Stylist 

What is your best pre-loved purchase?

I picked up three amazing pair of Rick Owens trousers (Marcus favorite designer) in one go, once. One pair in leather, the other in cotton and the third pair in nylon. Plus two Rick Owens t-shirts. I guess I got lucky, someone my size had just brought them in to the store. And I happened to stop by for no reason. Bingo!

Why pre-loved and not new?

Partly because I like the treasure hunt a little bit more, finding something I wasn’t sure I was looking for is a little more developing style wise. But also from a sustainable point of view of course. Also when buying luxury vintage the prices seem more reasonable. 

Where do you shop?

Herr Judits in Stockholm, Bau Bau Shop in Copenhagen, The Real Real in NYC and online, Tradera, Grailed and Vestiare online. Plus I follow some vintage stores on instagram. They don’t have e-coms as all pieces are one offs so they just post stories. 

Dream vintage buy?

A vintage Rolex Submariner with a faded bezel has been on the list for a while. Not sure Santa has been getting my list, though.

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Hannah Eklund, PR consultant

Tell everything about your best vintage purchase?

One of the best pieces I have in my wardrobe is this tricot Comme des Garçons blazer I bought vintage in Japan. It’s from 1998, as they always write the year of production on the labels in their clothes. The blazer is in such a great condition, and the style of it look like it could be made today or tomorrow. The fabric, color, and style with the special cuts and collar really stands out and feels very “Comme”.

Where do you find the best vintage in Stockholm?

I’ve been living beside Stadsmissionen in Old Town in Stockholm for a while,  and I have been in there almost every day and made a lot of great antiques catches, both interior and clothes. They have very hand-picked vintage clothes, interior, books, and other stuff. I almost always find something so it’s very bad to live next door… A tip is to go there in the morning though.

Do you have anything that you are always looking for?

I would love to start collecting pieces from Margiela’s work for Hermès. Otherwise I’m still looking for a small Céline box bag from the Phoebe Philo era. I also regret so much that I didn’t buy her old dinosaur and dolphin jewelry…

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Tina Lundin, Creative Consultant 

What is your best vintage find?

Oh, hard… I have many great finds… one favorite is a vintage Miu Miu dress I got in a charity auction. The dress belonged to Chloë Sevigny, I mean how cool is that?! But my best vintage piece has to be my Hermès Kelly bag. It’s in black box leather with gold hardware, in size 28. I love it so much and wear it almost all the time. It has the most beautiful finish, a lot of bumps and bruises but that’s to be expected from a bag that’s been around since the early 70s! 

Why vintage? 

Why not vintage? Well the way I see it, it’s the most efficient and easiest way for us as consumers to be pretty much as sustainable as we can. I mean, you buy a product that already exists and therefore for don’t add to the demand of new products. Also, there’s something beautiful about buying something that has already had a life before you! 

Your philosophy is “buy less, buy better” – tell us about it. 

Well it’s pretty straight forward really and for me it’s the only way to shop, it’s rather buy one blazer you truly love and feel amazing in than 3-4 blazers you feel good in. For me this started as a necessity when I started buying Céline because it was out of my budget but I loved it so much, so I had to make a choice of maybe only getting a couple of things a season rather than more from cheaper brands. And now I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think you build a much more interesting and solid wardrobe when you are forced to make choices and limit yourself. Plus if everyone bought 80% less pieces a year think how much we could bring down the production of new product – supply and demand. Also I truly feel if people accepted paying more for things but buying less product imagine what kind of freedom that would give to a brand? Like I said before, less product but better product! I could go on forever about this; a subject I’m very passionate about… I have a long history in the retail business, I know exactly what it looks like at the end of the season and how much product that’s left; most of the time nothing good comes from that…

What is your next dream vintage purchase?

I would love an Hermès Kelly 28 bag in a deep burgundy in box leather! Also always on the hunt for a great Chanel tweed jacket. 

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Tora Northman, Writer

Your best vintage catch? 

I really thought long and hard about this, and I’ve bought loads of bags and T-shirts I’ll cherish forever, but my best catch are these reworked Levi’s vintage jeans I bought in Tokyo. They fit like a glove, and I’d sacrifice it all for them. 

Why do you shop vintage? 

Of course because it is more sustainable, but also because I can find pieces with a lot of character. I collect vintage T-shirts, and there’s nothing that gives me the same thrill as finding a really good one. 

Do you have any secret tips how to navigate in the vintage jungle?

I’ve learned that vintage doesn’t always equal cheap, and sometimes you really have to splurge. Once you find your perfect must-have piece, it is worth all the money you can spend. 

Do you have any vintage goal?

I’d love to one day buy a vintage Kelly, ideally in a nice green colour. Also the perfect leather jacket, I’m always looking out for it but I haven’t been able to lock down the ultimate piece quite yet.

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Lien Ngo, Creative

What is your best vintage purchase?

My Chanel belt bag. 

Is there any vintage or pre-loved shop where you always find something good?

Amore Vintage Tokyo and Vintage Qoo have the most incredible, well curated selection of designer vintage fashion and accessories! I can’t wait to go back to Tokyo and roam around in these stores. Until then I’ll make do with their online shops.

Are you looking for anything particular right now?

A pair of Chanel suspenders!

Published 01/09/2021

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