What to wear to every party occasion


We are gonna rock this bish, with this being the party. We are going to be preparing for the food, eating the food and then having an after party. Are you ready? Pop a bottle of something sparkling (non sparkling is fine too, won’t *pop* but that’s fine too) and prepare your thumb to be scrolling. *they see you scrolling, they hatin* etc. Oh and if you are on your phone, I need you to flip you phone into a horizontal way. Why? It just looks better that way, trust me.

Preparing for dinner

We are carrying a lot of vegetables bc we are vegetarian.

And also, they go very very well with our dresses. The glorious 1980s are a big reference for this upcoming party season (or is it already here?) and we are here for it. Go big on patterns, sequins and bold shoulder details. It’s very likely you will bump into those exact attributes at your local vintage store but if you don’t, you should click your way over to Rixo.

Having a last minute clothing crisis? Add a voluminous blouse under any short sleeve dress to make it more drama. We do love drama, but not in a Love Island way (jk that’s the best kind).

Also, for this season, can we make a pact about going all in? Party cowards are so last season. Give the party what you got, stick a few puns up your sleeve and dress like you mean it. There is this old saying that goes, the party won’t be fun unless you dress like it. Sorry, that one was really bad.

Fanny is wearing
Dress, Rixo
Shoes, vintage
Pearl bead hair clips, Glitter

Linn is wearing
Blouse, Jacquemus
Dress, Tiger of Sweden
Boots, Motivi
Earrings, Blue Billie

Waiting for the pasta to be al dente

Can I ask you how many minutes you cook your pasta? I know that it depends on what type of pasta you are cooking. But do you A) take the pasta out of the water when the box says or do you B) take it out a couple of minutes earlier?

Obviously B is the correct answer.

The best thing about being in Italy besides you know, being in Italy!!! is having pasta for both lunch and dinner and perhaps a meal in between those too. When we are on vacation every activity is based on you eat-and-drink calendar.

Also, how do you eat pasta gracefully anyways?

Linn is wearing
Dress, Rotate
Blouse, Fendi
Hat, vintage
Sunglasses, Fendi
Necklace, Blue Billie

Fanny is wearing
Dress, Rixo
Sunglasses, Chimi
Necklace, vintage
Earrings, Rixo

When the party is over (but you don’t want to go home)

Are you an afterparty girl? How do you do it?

I’m not. When I was younger I always wanted myself to want to go to all the cool afterparties. But I always ended up saying to everyone I had to go to the ladies room and then I got the hell outta there and took a cab home to eat noodles in bed.

But, when afterparty means sitting in the kitchen, sipping on one last drink and having fridge leftovers I AM THERE.

Fanny is wearing
Dress, Prada
Blazer, Escada
Headband, Rochas

Linn is wearing
Dress, Rixo
Headband, eBay
Boots, Motivi
Bag, Rixo

Party game over

Life changing advice

When getting dressed for a party, think about what kind of party there will be. Is it gonna be a sitting down dinner? Don’t go all in on shoes only.

Red dress, Mr Selfportrait
Heels, Christian Louboutin

Sequin dress, Samsoe Samsoe
Heels, Christian Louboutin

Photos: Annica Eklund

Published 31/05/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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