The 7 Hero Accessories For Spring

Published 30/01/2023
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It might be zero below degrees but what is winter without that longing feeling for spring? Dreaming of days when you can leave your jacket behind, never go anywhere without a pair of sunglasses resting comfortably and chic on your nose, and take your lunch break in the soft April sunshine. It’s hard not to get carried away.

With this change of season comes the urge to update your closet. This obviously doesn’t mean throwing everything you own away and replacing it with new, but making smart investments giving the things you already own, new life. Makes sense? In food, they call it salt. In fashion, we call in accessories.

A rose is a rose

and the hottest accessory for everything this spring

Cult designer Magda Butrym may be known as the one who introduced the 3D flower to fashion, but anyone who remembers the late 90s knows how important the rose was to any military jacket or choker 30 years ago. This spring we see the cute but sexy but cute detail on everything from dresses and tops to shoes, necklaces, and bags and honestly, I could go on and on. Add it to your minidress, corset top, or oversized blazer for an instant quick fix.

Big bag energy

Image courtesy of Saint Laurent.

Saint Laurent Icare bag.

The mini bag has been as IT as anything IT can be in our ultra-fast fashion cycle for seasons now but the tables are turning now towards the large supersize bag. The splurge of the season is definitely the Icare bag by YSL but there are a lot more budget-friendly options out there. Icare

Imagine fitting your phone in your bag again after all this time. We are all truly blessed.

Opera gloves for fun

Bottega Veneta

It might be the most unexpected accessory on this list, but also the most fun one. The opera glove has been mocked and marked as dated for decades, making this a comeback for the ages. How to wear it? Take lessons from Bottega Veneta and match your gloves with your dress, or just add it to any short-sleeved ensemble that needs that extra something.

The comeback of the decade: Ballet flats

I don’t think ballet flats deserve the bad reputation they have gotten over the years. They are cute, and they are chic, I mean they will destroy your feet but what is that compared to looking cute and chic? Miu Miu had me crossing the dark side this past spring with their satin ballet flat. I did have to give them some thought before swiping my credit card, thinking if I actually would use them. A field study of myself later I can ascertain I’ve worn them at least 4 days a week since.

Few have missed that Netflix has dropped the first two seasons of cult series The Hills and I cannot help but wonder, what would Laurent “LC” Conrad be without her ballet flats?

I thought long and hard about adding another LC signature accessory, the headband to this list but did not, I might or might not update this story later.

Wear it like a lady – The Top Handle Bag

Image via Ellen Claesson.

Wear the bag like a lady this season and you are spot on. Like the classic bag bag, like a bag that is really a bag. The bag doesn’t need to be in a traditional shape nor color, but it does need to have two classic handles to make it to this category.

Bracelets as a statement

Little Liffner Assembly Chain bracelet

So bracelets have really been so shaded by their older sister’s necklace for years and years. This season, however, the bracelet takes revenge and steps into the sunshine again. Your bracelet should be big, with a lot of personality.

Silver is the new gold

Sophie Buhai Nautilus ring

Gold has been the only hardware worth talking about during the 2020s, no doubt about it. This might be the recession talking, but silver is sailing up to be the on-trend hardware of the season. A little more subtle, a little more lowkey but definately not less fun.

Published 30/01/2023

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