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Published 04/06/2020
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The fashion business is a business full of racism. It’s a business under the vicious arm of white supremacy and everything that comes with it. It has been a business of ignorance.

This past week social media has come together for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor all the Black people who has suffered crimes of racism. No posts, tweets name lists or donations can ever have their murders undone. And besides from educating ourselves on systemically racism, the injustices that we contribute to everyday by simply not working against it in everything we do and in the history that so many like to call black history but what really is all of ours history, we need to do more. We need to do better.

I will never be able to understad what our Black brothers and sisters have gone through and keep going through every day, but I want to stand with them. Starting with myself and continuing with our work here at Hobnob.

Hobnob has complied a list of Black-owned fashion brands that we want to highlight. We will continue to update this as we go and please let us know if you have a brand or business you would like to add.


Founded by Jason Rembert who started out as a celebrity stylist Aliétte was originally made to be an eveningwear brand. However over time Rembert found he needed to be able to offer his clients more than just the fanciest looks so he developed Aliétte and today his collections contains both red carpet looks to absolutely kill for as well as more everyday looks.

Follow Aliétte on Instagram here.
Shop Aliétte here.
Read about Aliétte’s fall collection on Vogue here.

Bother Vellies

I’ve been following Brother Vellies and founder Aurora James for quite some time. Not only because Aurora and her team makes the most amazing art that are also shoes but because Aurora has a major vintage interest. I have probably read every magazine article about her every written.

You probably recognize her ruffle shoes pictured above but one pair is not enough.

Follow Brother Vellies on Instagram here.
Shop Brother Vellies here.


Libaya is a new brand to me. I found out about it via Stephanie Broek’s Instagram and immediately fell for the colorful and playful aesthetic but mostly the cute dresses. All made in Africa, inspired by the African way of dressing Libaya will def stay on my radar from here forward.

Follow Libaya on Instagram here.
Shop Libaya here.


You know when you visit a new instagram page and you just end up saving their entire feed? That was me when I discovered Lait De Coco. Just look at these images? Are they for real?

Lait De Coco sells handmade pieces and rare vintage finds with amazing imagery and all you have to do to purchase is slide into their DM.

Follow Lait De Coco on Instagram here.

Christopher John Rogers

Christopher John Rogers are not only famous for his bold silhouettes and striking color scheme. He also made Anna Wintour smile this past fashion week according to reliable sources. Not hard to understad why.

Follow Christopher John Rogers on Instagram here.
Shop Christopher John Rogers here.

Yes both ‘fits pictured above are available via Net-a-Porter if you weren’t gonna click on that link.

Fe Noel

I have a hard time deciding who is cooler. The brand Fe Noel or Fe Noel of Fe Noel.

I’m just gonna link you straight to that green top here because me and you both know neither of us want to spend summer without it.

Follow Fe Noel on Instagram here.
Shop Fe Noel here.

Sincerely Tommy

Follow Sincerely Tommy on Instagram here.
Shop Sincerely Tommy here.

Sincerely Tommy is a concept store in Brooklyn, New York with an eye for details to say the least. And when I say details I mean shoes.

This wasn’t supposed to be my what I want to shop in June list but OH WELL. Should I go for the ballerina flats or the sandals?

** Update I went for the ballerinas.

Thebe Magugu

Thebe Magugu is a contemporary fashion brand founded by Thebe Magugu in South Africa. He received the prestigious LVMH price last fall and presented his Fall 2020 collection in Paris this February. Thebe is the first African designer to win the price.

Thebe’s designs and images speaks for themselves but when reading about him and his collection and the pieces in it I fell for the story behind the red and white print set. Thebe writes about it on his Instagram like this.

“The red sashes that give the garment a psychedelic, 70’s mood are actually handprinted with a solution of red clay mud from a traditional healer in Lesotho (where Thebe’s family is from) and a chemical to ensure the print stays through washing. This was facilitated by Larissa Don, a marbling-expert in Ladysmith, South Africa.”

Follow Thebe Magugu on Instagram here.
Shop Thebe Magugu via Farfetch here.
Read about Thebe Magugu on Vogue here.


London based brand Tove describes themselves as an advanced contemporary brand born out of a desire to create timeless clothing that balances modernity with femininity and that’s about right. Their love for details such as beautiful back features and advanced draping are undeniable.

Follow Tove on Instagram here.
Shop Tove here or on Net-a-Porter here.

Published 04/06/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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