Sunshine isn’t the only reason to wear sunglasses

Published 13/05/2019
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100% cool and only 5% douchebag alert on a cloudy day

Exactly how many times have you thought to yourself, who will think I am a total douch if I keep my glasses on? This in situations when the sun are not present.

Here’s looking at you, kid. Yes you. You can see me looking at you because my sunglasses are see through. The only negative thing about these tinted sunglasses is that they don’t make it possible to sneak peek at people on the bus. A favorite hobby of mine.

Trenchcoat, House of Dagmar. Scarf, Hermine Hold. Bag, Chanel. Purple tinted sunglasses, Victoria Beckham.

Also, have you ever thought about how much prettier everything is in pink? This should be reason enough to give tined glasses a try.

Pink sunglasses, Prada. Earrings, Mulberry. Tie dye t-shirt, vintage. Necklace, Blue Billie.

To have in mind also, tinted glasses don’t have to be all spaced out and colorful. They can be low key green too.

Tinted glasses, Ray Ban. Dress, Baum und Pferdgarten.

If you still have trouble with seeing yourself with tinted glasses, maybe you overused them in early childhood, maybe you can’t stop thinking about Anastasia and her tinted glasses with tiny rhinestone hearts, or maybe you just don’t think it’s very you. Take a second and imagine these glasses being any other colorful accessory. Maybe not groundbreaking, but sometimes it’s easier to not overthink it.

Red tinted glasses, Chimi. Knit set, House of Dagmar.

So If we were to describe tinted glasses very very short, it would be very litteral. Just one word, and sorry this is Swedish.


Published 13/05/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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