Summer Sandals That are Actually Comfortable

Published 20/05/2020
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It’s a rare combination but not an impossible one.

If my feet could talk the first thing they’d say is probably


and I would know that they are referring to my taste in shoes.

It’s not that I have bad taste in shoes (quite the opposite if I’d say so myself) but I do have a tendency to prioritize looks over comfort 9 out of 10 times. I’m kidding. It’s definitely 10 out of 10 times.

So when a friend asked me over instagram the other day, can’t you do something on Hobnob about comfortable sandals that aren’t Birkenstocks my immediate thought was: can I really? I don’t know enough sandals that are comfortable for real and looks good too. But then I gave it another round in my head and suddenly I remembered: hey what about the dad sandals? And the trekking sandals? And the variations of Birkenstocks? And it hit me I know so many comfortable sandals, I just don’t own that many pairs myself.

Velcro Sandals

Image Courtesy of: Emma Rose Thatcher
Image Courtesy of: Endlesslyloveclub

There are two sides when it comes to velcro sandals. The ones who could see themselves spend 1,000€ on a pair from Chanel and the ones who gladly would pay 1,000€ to never see them again.

Guess which side we are on?

Arizona Love


Cecilie Bahnsen

Arizona Love

Birkenstock x Proenza Schouler





Thong Sandals

Image Courtesy of: Anna Sarlvit

My mom wore flip-flops, or thong sandals as they are also called, throughout my entire upbringing. In her opinion they were appropriate shoes to everything, flare denim, suit trousers and beach dresses. I did not agree.

Image Courtesy of: Toteme

But now, 10 years later I think she is a genius. She never stopped wearing them though, she lives the way she teaches.

ATP Atelier






Padded Sandals

Image Courtesy of: Pernille Teisbaek
Image Courtesy of: Arket

Forget all about uncomfortable sandals, making their slow way into your feet creating blisters from hell. This seasons padded sandals are both cool and comfortable.



Isabel Marant

& Other Stories




Heavy Sandals

Image Courtesy of: Monikh
Image Courtesy of: Suzanne Koller

Chunky sandals are like chunky sneakers. Always a good idea.

A bouncer however made me question that one time. I was wearing these wonderful bedazzled Birkenstocks out clubbing once and he told me they had a no-birken policy?? I was shook. A friend of mine had to explain to him they were not regular Birkenstock, they were cool Birkenstock and he let me in.

Now looking back, I don’t know what to be most chocked over, that he did not let me in because of my Birkenstock or that he was convinced to let me in anyway.

Birkenstock x Proenza Schouler







Published 20/05/2020

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