One Suit, Endless Opportunities

Published 26/03/2020
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I have a huge thing for suits and especially vintage ones. Whenever I walk into a vintage store the suits and I get this magnetic connection and I am drawn to them in a way I can’t explain. Or actually I can. Suits are hard to get good and they just don’t make them like they used to. Or maybe they do but if I can choose between paying 2000€ and 20€ for a suit and with the purchase make a sustainable choice by choosing something already made I am gonna go with the 20€ suit. Not even gonna pretend that was a tough one, sorry.

But a suit is nothing worth if you just hang it in the closet and make it wait for better days. Therefor I took the opportunity when I was in Paris to style the suit in 6 different ways only to show a. how good the suit is for day-to-day looks and b. why it’s such a good idea plan your entire travel wardrobe around a suit (the travel ban will end some day you know better be prepared for it).

So here are 6 reasons to start (cyber) expedition: the hunt for the perfect vintage over size suit.

Suit, vintage
Polo, vintage
Sunglasses, Loewe

One. You can wear it as a suit.

Omg, like who knew???

This is the most obvious way to wear a suit, like God intended it. This spring I like doing the full 70s thing with a knit polo or a shirt with a really big pointy collar. The bigger the better honestly.

Two. You can only wear the trousers with a shirt and belt.

Here I am really trying to give the Attico Pre Fall look a try. A vintage oversize shirt with big shoulder pads worn with a tank top underneath and some big suit trousers.

Like if you came to a casual dinner wearing this after a full day with the same people in the full-suit look above, would anyone recognize you are wearing the same trousers? I highly doubt it. That is all I care bout.

Also, how much are you craving thong sandals right now? I am two weeks from bursting.

Trousers, vintage
Shirt, vintage
Thong sandals, Flattered
Bag, Bottega Veneta

Three. You can wear the blazer with some colorful Bermuda shorts.

Same thing here. Who knew you wore that blazer yesterday to lunch when you show up to breakfast in this look?

I am not trying to oversell this suit at all, but how good is the brown + turquoise color combination?

Blazer, vintage
Shorts, H&M
Shoes, Bottega Veneta

Suit, vintage
Tank, Gestuz

Four. You can wear it as a jumpsuit.

Tuck your blazer into your trousers (more comfortable than it sounds I promise) and ta-da you got yourself a jumpsuit.

If this was a trip this would be the look I’d save to the party dinner night. Every trip has to have one good party night, no? And I am not necessarily talking full nightclub party but at least a very festive singing at the table dinner.

Depending on what mood I am in I’d skip the tank top underneath too for a more sexy French look.

Five. You can wear the blazer as a dress.

Okay I’ve changed my mind! This is what I would wear to that imaginary party night. I am saving the jumpsuit look for the brunch the day after.

Putting a good belt on a very oversized blazer is all I want to do right now.

Also love the thigh high boots thing to go with it though I would prefer some black tights underneath.

However the mini bag is a true must.

Blazer, vintage
Belt, vintage
Bag, ATP Atelier
Boots, Arket

Six. You can wear it with a different suit jacket.

And we have reached the end of my Parisian styling guide. Doing the trousers with a different jacket. preferably a tailored ladies one. I love the mix of the granddad trousers and the grandmother blazer.

If it was a cold day I’d probably add the original blazer over this one to add a fun layer thing to it.

Trousers, vintage
Jacket, Chanel

Published 26/03/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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