My Autumn Style with Annica Eklund, Creative Director of Bolon

Published 23/09/2020
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Annica Eklund, Creative Director of Bolon is so much more than a Creative Director. Not familiar with Bolon? Let me do the short story. Bolon, a design company that started out producing rag rugs to continue with caravan rungs and in the last 20 years has further developed to a global design company, collaborating with both fashion house Missoni and acknowledged architect Jean Nouvel among others.

Back to Annica. After both having the Cheif executive role and the Creative Director role at Bolon, Annica craved a new adventure. At the age of 45 she just had to follow her dream and become a photographer too. And become a photographer she did.

Annica talk, walk and live as if horizons are only something you blissfully chase, not get intimidated by. That goes for her work- and private life. But more importantly for this story, that goes for her personal style. Enjoy a head-first dive into a week’s worth of outfits with Annica Eklund.

Words, Fanny Ekstrand
Photo, Linn Eklund
Retouche, Åsa Eriksson

What Annica wears to one of her first physical meetings in a while… 

Suit, vintage YSL
Heels, Bottega Veneta 

How she describes her office style.

“I try to stay away from the corporate look as much as I can. However, my job requires me to dress a certain way, so I always keep it neat but with some fun on the side. I want to be comfy with a mix of edge. This suit is the perfect example since it’s very tidy but the oversize fit makes it more interesting. By adding heels to this and wearing it with a t-shirt I feel like I am about to enter a meeting that will change everything. Sort of.”

“I make office attire fun by wearing men’s suits to work”

What Annica wears to a lunch meeting on town…

Skirt, Gucci
Shirt, Jacquemues 
Heels, Jacquemus 

And she keeps her style creative whilst having a creative job role.

“Creativity is nothing I can just switch on and off. For me, it’s a constant flow that I just need to embrace when it comes. It’s important to me not to overthink creative decisions and just go with what my gut tells me. If I end up not liking it, I can always start over. That’s the beauty of creativity, of you don’t like where you are going you can just try again. And the same goes for my wardrobe. I don’t like to put creativity into a box.”

What Annica wears to a zoom meeting…

Blazer, Balenciaga
Cap, Hobnob (coming soon!)
Knit trousers, Zara

And how 2020 has affected her style.

“In the beginning I acted like everything was normal. I got up in the morning, I did my make-up I styled myself in a good outfit as if I was going to the office. I did that because it kept me sane and calm but also because, as a businessleader and manager I needed to keep my coworkers calm. If I were to drop everything that is me right before their Zoom-eyes that would not have looked good and it would not have motivated anyone. Also, I like to think that no matter what, an actual meeting room or a digital meeting room, you are still an ambassador of the brand and company you work for.”

“As I said, this was in the beginning of the pandemic. Now I go for business on the top and casual on the bottom which translates to cashmere trousers and blazer. But I still brush my hair and put on blush.”

Also how Covid-19 has helped her realize she needs less clothes.

“I shop a lot less since the pandemic hit. And with less, I mean less meaningless shopping. I do still buy key pieces for the seasons which I wear over and over again. Covid-19 has also taught me how few things I really need in my closet to be happy so I (like everyone else this year) did a major cleanout post-summer and are now so happy about how my wardrobe looks. I downsized but feel like I have more good outfits to wear.”

What Annica wears to a gallery opening…

Leather set, Gestuz 
Boots, Paris Texas
Bag, Chanel 

“A good bag can make any outfit fun. It really is all in the details”

What Annica wears to a dinner date with her boyfriend…

Skirt, Blouse, and Coat, Prada 
Boots, Old Céline 

And when she feels the most beautiful.

“One may think that one feels the most beautiful surrounded by designer clothes and in a fully done hair and make-up but for me, it’s the opposite. I feel the most beautiful at home, wearing my favorite piece of clothing, with my family and friends. During those moments I am the happiest and I guess that is true beauty to me.”

What Annica wears when doing errands out on town…

“For everyone who knows me, this is a true Annica outfit”

Tracksuit and jacket, Gucci
Fur sneakers, Céline 
Bag, Susan Szatmary


And how she decides on what pieces are welcome into her closet.

“Sometimes it’s just the moment that makes the decision. I can be running errands in town with Linn (my best shopping friend) and all of a sudden she just finds something that she says is so me and I just know she’s right, you know. She’s got a special eye and I trust her taste. But of course, I do scout favorite pieces online as well and when I feel like I am worth it, I press add to bag.

What Annica wears to a Sunday brunch… 

Fun cardigan, Chanel 
Bum bag, Chanel 

And how her style has developed over the years.

“Since I moved to Stockholm from my hometown Ulricehamn a few years back my style has definitely got less fancy. Back home I took the car everywhere so heels were always the best option back then, but in Stockholm I walk or bike everywhere which makes heels a less good choice. And since Linn moved home from Paris to Stockholm my style has got more colorful and absolutely more fun. We live in the same building nowadays which means sharing closet, a winning concept for the both of us.”

Published 23/09/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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