Style has no age on Instagram

Neither has it in real life, but that is old news, right?

Published 28/07/2019
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Fashion on Instagram is like food in a grocery store. Everybody knows that by now. I love that. But to stand out it the cyber crowd it takes more than good outfits. It’s just like when we buy things nowadays. We are not only buying a product, we are buying a lifestyle with it.

So posting good outfits isn’t automatically equal with followers and engagement. So what is the key? Influencers become like brands. They are not selling one photo, but an entire feed. A lifestyle.

People on Instagram are always looking for the next big thing. Sometimes it’s so well though-out it’s boring. I am guilty too. I get so bored with myself and I think that’s highly relatable, big follower numbers or not.

Young women are obviously over represented when it comes to #fashion on Instagram and the trends that make it big on The Gram. But, the latest thing that has made me use my save-button is not the young women with all the latest trends, but the older women. Although they are doing a pretty good job with the latest trends as well. And by older I mean 35+. Although I’d love to follow more fashion over 70 accounts (hello hola at me with tips?). I am gonna splurge my crushes to you all.

Grece Ghanem

Grece could be the coolest woman on Instagram. No one does oversize like Grece and her hair makes me want to book an appointment with my hairdresser (jk I don’t have one).

Copy and pasting this look to work tomorrow.

Follow Grece here.

Also, workwear pants might be my August (or September depending on how long this heatwave lasts) purchase. Grece just looks so incredibly chic in hers with a beige blazers.

Style me maam

The two women behind the Instagram account Stylememaam seem to have the most amazing closets?? And they are so fearless, I love that. They seem to be running around Stockholm like two peacocks and I can’t help to wish they’d run into me sometime. We could peacock together.

Follow Stylememaam here.

Lotte Mørch

As the founder of danish Fashion agency Mørch you expect nothing less than really good style. But Lotte too has that je ne sais quoi to describe it in french. So effortlessly cool and maturely sophisticated.

Yes, I can read all this just by looking at and Instagram account, call me if you need me to define someone else.

Follow Lotte here.

Ursula Wångander

Ursula is a true cool cat. Maybe the original cool cat? And her Instagram feed is so on trend it’s not even a trend yet. No joke since she is, and has been for a few seasons now, a Balenciaga muse.

You might recognize her from Balenciaga’s runway shows and ad campaigns.

Follow Ursula here.


This is actually an online store, but the content is amazing. And especially the images of the lady Ourerni in the most incredible outfits. HOW COOL CAN A WOMAN BE???

I could take any of these outfits at any time. But I could never pull them off like she<33

Follow Park_Wien here.

Published 28/07/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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