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Published 19/12/2019
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Christmas is only a few nights away but the best gifts are only one click away. Today marks the last day for many cybershops to ship before the big holiday so make sure your fingers dance fast over the keyboard.

For the notorious traveller

Nothing like a coffee table book to dream away to better places on a dull February night. That’s what I am thinking. Book publisher Assouline’s guides to the world’s most luxe destinations would be perfect for that.

And if you don’t want to travel due to climate changes this is the way to experience Ibiza, St Moritz, Capri and a bunch of other fabulous places.

Shop all titles here.

For your credit card (and maybe a lipstick)

The tiny bag is the new wallet. 2019’s biggest trend was the tiny bag for sure, but we will be brining the super small bag with us when entering 2020.

So, look at it like a gift for your credit card.

For your special someone

Here’s a great last minute gift that seems like a very well thought through one!! Those are the best ones. A platform ring with your first name’s letter on. Could a gift be more this is a gift directly from my beating heart??

Shop Letter Platform Ring right here.

The Fashion girl who has it all

This one is the toughest to buy gifts for. Not to say impossible. How do you impress a gal who has it all when it comes to wardrobe treasures. The answer is: the Going Out Top. It’s so versatile, you can wear it with anything.

Rosie Assouline top, here.

Stine Goya top, here.

For the Millennial

We always speak of going offline as the ultimate luxury. Why? Bc it’s so freaking hard. Not having your sixth sense always keeping track of where your phone is and more importantly what theater is playing on the screen is not easy at all.

I am usually quite good at not looking at other peoples success as my failure (it’s always my goal) but when it comes to offline time and how easy it comes for some to leave their phones at home I get frustrated. It’s so hard for me. Maybe a New Year’s resolution for 2020? To keep my phone in a Phone box but make it art.

Shop Offline Ceramics via Purple Institute Instagram here.

For last minute problems (really really)

I find getting those last-minute gift to be both stressful and many times up to no good. I know this talks against this entire story, but all gifts above are to me, a great idea.

But for all those family members and friends I still haven’t found the perfect gift for, I always go for food. What can go wrong, right?

And to make sure these dinners really happen (hehe) I take the liberty of pre book a restaurant for the meal to really happen. You are all welcome!

Published 19/12/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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