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My New Stripes?

Published 21/09/2020
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I have always had a secret love for snake print, but I have somehow, always felt a little bit too cool when wearing it. You know when you think it is really cool on someone else, but then later when you dress in a similar style it just feels weird. Can you relate to that feeling?

But hello Linn!!! Its 2020 calling – you can actually wear whatever you want.

Yes that is what my head told me a couple of weeks ago.

Around the same time of that ongoing chit-chat inside of my head regarding snake print, I hosted a flea market together with the Swedish auction house Kaplans. I sold a bunch of great things, among others a couple of striped sweaters – but SOMEHOW left with three snake printed pieces. Coincident? I think not.

So, I realized snake print is definitely here to stay. At least in my wardrobe. So here are the (snake) pieces I will keep tight this fall, and how I will wear them.

Starting off easy:

The snake boots.

Ok, I am already lying. These are not entire snake printed!! But 30% of them are. And they are FABULOUS. I think it’s because they remind me so much of these Old Céline I have been craving for a long time. But now when I finally got my hands on these ones from Ayede who really reminds me of those, my wait is over. Hi, fall BFFs. They are also the perfect compliment now when we are in between seasons – because I wear them with shorts when pants are too hot, but shorts are too cold. I know, I am such a smart ass.

Find them here.

Loose fit


Snake on snake

Gianvito Rossi via Net A Porter

Slim fit

Gucci Via Vestiaire Collective

Speaking of extended seasons.

My summer dresses are definitely not ready to say goodbye to 2020 either, and neither am I. I love wearing volume pants with even more volume dresses. Like this Simone Rocha that my boyfriend always jokes with me that we can bring to our next hike to sleep in! Yes, he refers it to be the perfect tent.

So, tenting or not. Volume pants with volume dresses will 100% be a continuous uniform this fall. As I can’t decide which I am a summer girl or a fall girl, this is maybe is the perfect meeting point?

But back to my flea market finds. These pants were the second snake piece I got with me home from the flea market. Love the fact that they are yellow too. But I guess that is not a surprise anymore, love everything yellow.

Would also be cool to wear these ones with a bit tighter dress. Or a shorter but cuter one, like a cupcake dream from Cecilie Bahnsen. Or maybe a pleather dress, like this one from H&M? I have to try it, already by tomorrow.

Hi grey


50 shades of beige

Proenza Schouler

Hi (again) grey

Stand studio (on sale!)

The army of Snakes

Burberry (sale!)

Or are you a daredevil?

Then it is all or nothing.

Which in other words mean,

you must wear snake on snake.

I know that you saw this one coming. And yes, this is absolutely my favorite way of wearing it. I know you saw this one coming too, right?

When it comes to patterns, more is always more. After wearing this look, yellow and red is a new favorite combination of mine swell.

And yes, by the way, this was the second thing that I laid my hands on from the flea market. All the way from Fanny’s closet! It has been so close but so far from me all this time? But now it finally made it home. From Resumé.

Hi (long) trench

Les Rêveries via Net-a-Porter

Short but sweet

Stand Studio (sale)

The perfect coat

Stand Studio (sale)

More of a skirt person?

You have reached your destination.

Or have you?

But here is a great fact: red snake coats go great together with skirts too, not only pants. So there are no excuses for you now skirt ladies and gentlemen.

I really like this outfit too. I know, snake prints can be the main ingredient of so many great outfits. I am telling you. For example, this skirt is a favorite of mine right now(Old Céline – eBay catch), I reeeeeally like the combination of yellow/red/blue/pink. Yes, just a quick detour, if you want to level up the red and yellow combination, this is the next step. And it’s not a coincidence it goes unexpectedly good with snake print. But then again, right now I think everything goes well with snake print.

*Bottega Veneta pouches are great pillows too. FYI.

Pants, I have not forgot about you.

I have saved the best to last.

Well, I do think all the previous looks are great. BUT I do think this is the ultimate way to wear snake print. I have been wearing these pants with, I think 80% of all my blazers, and the only reason I haven’t reached 100% is that I haven’t had enough days to wear them.

So if you don’t know where to start, this is the starter pack: a great blazer, pointy heels, and a simple tee. Then you are ready for any occasion that is serious businesses like drinking wine, cooking pasta, or window shopping.

Published 21/09/2020

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