It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Ski Season

Published 11/12/2020
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Styling, Fanny Ekstrand & Linn Eklund
Photo, Natasha Uljanic
Model, Semra Dedic
Set design, Liv Eklund/ Tipsy Tongue

There is something magical about this time a year. And I am not talking about the upcoming holiday season or the fact that one might get something off that list one sent to Santa (also known as mom in my case). No, I am talking about winter and the very specific activity that comes with that and only that. Skiing.

I love skiing not only because I love being in nature but because of everything that comes with it. The cold crispy weather, the bright snow, the good parties (pre-pandemic, that is*), the aperol spritzes and the hot chocolate. I could go on forever. But there is one thing I like almost as much as the actual skiing (oh well) and that is the equipment. To get super nerdy about ski boots, goggles and overalls is a lifestyle I easily adapt to. The Gore-Tex part of the ski industry isn’t really my scene though, I am totally stuck in nostalgia village. Nothing beats the 80s in Verbier or Chamonix, am I not right? (the questionmark is accurately placed since I was born mid 90s).

Skier’s knit sweater, Dagmar
Earrings, Chanel
Wool scarves, Arket
Wool knit hat, Arket
Gloves, Moncler
Ski pants, vintage

Skiing is all about the accessories. The poles, the goggles, the gloves, the dazzling earrings and so on…

Rib knit set, Zara
Wool hat, Patagonia
Stockings, COS
Goggles, Chimi
Boots, Moon Boots

Sunglasses, Loewe
White puffer, Arket
Belt, Prada
Water bottle, Prada
Skirt, COS
Fury boots, vintage

Mixing fashion and function has never been this easy.

Overall, Moncler
Rib turtleneck, COS
Sunglasses, Prada

As I am a skiing veteran I am gonna give you two great tips to follow this winter season. Number one is bend your knees. Number two is colorblocking.

Houndstooth set, H&M
Collar, Ganni
Bum bag, Chanel
Vest, vintage
Boots, Moncler
Helmet, POC

Knit balaclava, Helmstedt
Knit sweater, Helmstedt

Scarves, Dior
Sunglasses, Guess

Not to go too fast is usually a good beginner’s tips, but try not to with these glasses. It will be hard.

Puffer jacket, Holden Outerwear
Ski pants, Holden Outerwear
Jacket, Fendi
Sunglasses, Tom Ford
Scarf, vintage

If you are looking to spice your ski outfit up a bit, add a silk scarf. If can work double shifts as guardian of the neck-area when the winter winds blow hard and saviour of even the worst cases of helmet hair situations.

But if you only buy one thing this winter season, make sure it’s a balaclava.

Balaclava, Kule
Down coat, vintage
Sunglasses, Gucci
Boots, Moon Boots

Published 11/12/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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