Sex and the City in Los Angeles is my ultimate summer style icon

And so I did the only sane thing: I copied my favorite looks and took photos of them in my mirror

Published 28/06/2019
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Image via HBO

Once a year I watch the complete 6 seasons of Sex and the City. Every year I find new things I haven’t noticed before. Like yesterday when I watched episode 13 and 14 on season 3, also known as the Los Angeles episodes. I knew they were good but I never realized how good they are and especially how good the clothes are! It’s literary everything I want to wear on my vacation in Southern Europe this summer.

So I did the only sane thing one can do, I went through my entire closet and recreated all my favorite outfits and then I took mirror selfies of them. And now I am showing you.

Image via HBO

Samatha’s bandana top with white shorts and speedy glasses

A very leisure look to be Samantha Jones to say the least. But do you see the greatness? A perfect on my way to the beach-look or why not throw a blazer over it and go to lunch? You can’t see my shoes right now but I am wearing lace up sandals. Bringing this look on vacation no doubt.

Shorts & scarf, vintage
Sunglasses, Prada

The Playboy Mansion Party

I couldn’t choose which outfit to copy from the scene where the SATC ladies are at the Playboy mansion on a party. Although I must say I never thought I’d copy a Charlotte York outfit??? *not really the conservative type* but the combination of a crop tie top and sarong skirt is exactly what I want to wear this season. Haven’t the sarong been away for too long? I remember my first one, I was around 8 and my mum got it for me on a market in Spain. It was orange tie dye and I also got a matching bikini top to go with it. I loved that look.

Skirt, Marni
Top, vintage

This may be a very toned down copy of Sam’s look but the staples are the same: see through top, bikini top and long pants. A perfect vacation look to me.

Polo, COS
Pants, Arket
Bikini top, Gestuz

Samantha’s movie premiere after party outfit

Image via HBO

Sequin dress, ASOS
Bag, Fendi
Mules, vintage Gucci

Ok I updated this look just a bit. Samantha’s sequin dress is both V neck, deep back and super short and that is too much for this lady. So I decided to go for only deep V and back. But I kept the most important detail: The Fendi Baguette.

Asking as a person who did not have a Fendi Baguette in the 90s, but would the Baguette be THE baguette without the Sex and the City ladies???? I guess we’ll never know.

But what I do know is that this party look is something I will wear on the Italian coast in a couple of weeks.

Image via HBO

Miranda’s pool outfit

This is one of my favorite. Miranda’s closet is so stiff when she’s in New York but on vacation she is vibrant. Like this Dolce & Gabbana set with bikini top and sarong. How good is it?? And that straw bag, did it teleport itself bc I am pretty sure I saw it in the New arrival section at Net-a-Porter just now.

Top and skirt, Stefania Vaidani

Carrie and Samantha by the pool

Image via HBO

Bikini, Araks
Short sleeve shirt & hat, vintage

Do you know how hard it is to take screen photos on laptops?? Sorry for the bad quality but everything in life isn’t hires.

My last favorite outfit from these glorious episodes is the one Samatha is wearing by the pool. A bright bikini with a strong short sleeve shirt. I am a big fan of short sleeve shirts as you know. I added a hat for extra drama since Samantha’s combination is neon and animal and mine is only the garden version of that.

I recommend you all to see the LA episodes of SATC before going on vacation!

Published 28/06/2019

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