Sara Battaglia is Making Me Reconsider My Entire Style (and life) For Spring 2021

Published 11/08/2020
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Fanny turned her laptop around a couple of weeks ago and screamed “Omg Linn, this is you!!!!” when she was scrolling through Sara Battaglia’s SS21 campaign. And hell yes, this is me. In all possible ways for any occasion.

I thought I’d share with you how my upcoming week could look like, now when the virus is making us leave our house for a minute or three. Tag along. 

Excuse me, which way is the beach club?

My friends always joke with me that when I say the dresscode is “casual”, it’s a full on party outfit. When they expected track pants and a jacket. Well, I can’t blame them now when I felt this was my ultimate me one the beach.

So here I am, in a full green suit, with a matching swimsuit underneath. And of course a towel, what did you think???

I also wish all great outfits came with matching hats.

Aperitivo o’clock

The perfect after beach look, like, ever???

Here I am, as per usual waiting for Fanny while she looking for her phone (or calling Måns) and enjoying an early aperitivo. Yes we are ofc in Italy. Preferably a Negroni, or why not an Campari spritz?

I chose this look in a very stressed way, as I am also always late or focused on something complete off topic, like scrolling IG, when I was supposed to go up and get dressed. Todays look is inspired by

And speaking of after beach style, I think the pirate scarf is back to stay. Don’t you?

Am I late or when does the yoga start?

Never not matching tights, sweater and cap when doing yoga. Just saying.

Oh my god, did someone say day party?

I thought you’d never ask! I am here, all yours.

Chose to wear both my bucket hat and sunglasses to cover up yesterdays spontaneous dinner with friends, had maybe a glass too much. But it’s vacation so who are you to judge me!!

Realized it might be tricky though to have those sandals on all day but I got flip flops covered, so we are all set. Bring the wine!!!

This is me on my way to the office a hot summer morning. I am dressing it down with flip-flops and a casual beach bag bc I like being casual but at the same time life is too short to wear a boring outfit you know?

Same day, but I changed for a dinner at Fannys place. I guess she is serving home made cacio e Pepe and my favorite cheese, I always bring the wine. A bottle of spumante and a bottle of Barolo to be specific.

I am keeping the scarf on as it is my signature accessory this spring, my bf is still a bit sceptic to it, and that’s why I love it. Brining back the double button and oversized suit too!! I think it’s ready for its great comeback!

Post pasta night @ Fannys

Couldn’t dream of a better outfit post pasta night at Fannys. I always take that third and fourth round when fanny puts a plate in front of me, she is the best chef I know!

Back in the city

Oh no, worst time of the year. Here I am, sitting and can’t really accept that the summer is over. Or it might not be over, but vacation definitely is. So I keep wearing half of my summer wardrobe together with my fall wardrobe to make it a bit easier.

After my newly found friend, the pirate scarf, bucket hats will be my forever hero! They can save any bad hair day in the world. And hangover.

Ready for all city date nights city

For those who wondering, yes the pirate scarf is coming with me into this fall too. So it ofc includes my date nights aswell, love to see how my boyfriends reacts on that one.

Also one look I think I will go all in for this fall is the full egg-shell look.

Love also the little jacket over the dress. Also something I will for sure implement in my date wardrobe this fall.

Published 11/08/2020

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