My grocery sale shopping list

So, sale season is here. Actually nowadays mid June means that we are in the middle of it. I feel so old, every year I say “doesn’t it start earlier and earlier every year???” but it doesn’t it though?

Anyways. I appreciate sale, however I have over the last two years narrowed my sale shopping down to only a few well selected purchases á season. I skip high street completely and anything I could afford on full price (which makes the range very very big) and only go for the diamonds on the top of my list. Wanna hear it? OK since you wont stop asking me about it.

And since I always enjoy listening to people talking about their sale tactic I am gonna tell you mine as well.

Everything python

I admit, I have been influenced like literally everyone, by Bottega Veneta and not I can’t stop thinking about python.

When sale shopping I always try to think one step ahead. Will I wear this next season? Is the answer yes I go for it. If it feels too much like a buy now wear now kinda purchase I try to slow down.

Python skirt, Attico
Python dress, Topshop

The shoes I’ve been eyeing on for ages (well 3 seasons, that’s ages)

Yes it’s true! I have had them on my physical list for almost two years, but they are not the best walking shoes I must say and therefore I have prioritized other purchases. But I swear to God I have like 9 pairs on my heart list on Vestiaire and try them on every time I am happen to be in a Balenciaga store (whoops).

Now they are mine! And at 50%.

Knife satin mules, Balenciaga.

Forget what I said about long term purchases. Sale is the perfect time to update your vacation wardrobe!!! Of course you need a new bikini and a designer wicker bag.

T-shirt, Chloé. Bikini top, Solid & Stripe. Bag, Dolce & Gabbana. Sandals, ATP Atelier.

The party pieces

’tis the season to do some party catch fishing!

Attending a lot of weddings this summer? I am not unfortunately, but I know a lot of you are.

Do me a favor and don’t spend too much on your outfits. Go for a sale catch or borrow your best friends sale catch. Shopping is cool and all but only if the thing you are buying is something that you want so much you’d cut off a toe in exchange for it. Remember that.

Pearl bag, Ganni
Pearl dress, Ganni
Sequin dress, Topshop
Glitter mules, By Far

The freaking dream piece of clothing

This is where I categorize most of my sale purchases. The things I’d never allow myself to buy on full price but can indulge myself with on sale. Right now what is a Cecilie Bahnsen dress.

Dress, Cecilie Bahnsen.


ATP Atelier




By Far

Mini dress

Cecilie Bahnsen

Published 18/06/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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