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Sabato de Sarno for Gucci


Published 30/01/2023
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Given the circumstances and the unreasonably high demands placed on the shoulders of the next Gucci creative director, it is fairly nice to think that it’s a good omen that Sabato (Italian for Saturday) was appointed Gucci’s new Creative Director on the very seventh day of the week (yep, Sunday is the first day of the week according to the Bible).

Not that Signor de Sarno doesn’t deserve his new title – quite the opposite – but his name did come as a surprise to many despite his all-in, all-Italian background as creative at some of the biggest fashion houses in the country. Sabato has not been a household name until the announcement this Saturday when suddenly there is a before and an after in his career. So, it’s not an understatement to say there is little information about him in cyber. Apart from his own LinkedIn profile there’s one old feature for Fashion Crowd in May 2012, where Sabato shares his secret addresses from all over Europe; from Ristorante Gli Ulivi in Rome to Bless Shop in Berlin (unfortunately closed down) and Acne Studios’ Palais Royal Boutique in Paris where he promise his fans ”jeans of impeccable fit”.

So to get you from the I don’t know to the I know everything about Sabato de Sarno, we’ve put together a FAQ with some good-to-know (and a few just nice-to-know) facts about the Italian luxury house’s new creative lead. 

Gucci Fall 2023 Menswear. Image credit Gorunway.

What has been the lead-up to Sabato’s role as CD of Gucci?

De Sarno’s impressive career in the fashion world is all-Italian, starting his journey at Prada in 2005. He then moved to Dolce & Gabbana before making a formative shift to Valentino in 2009, where he has had the role as fashion director overseeing both men’s and women’s collections.

Which will be the first Gucci collection signed Sabato de Sarno?

The women’s line for the Spring/Summer 2024, on the catwalk in September in Milan.

Which design school did Sabato go to?

He attended the IED European Institute of Design in Milan, where he studied fashion design, and eventually graduated in 2005. Sabato’s early exposure to the fashion industry provided him with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a successful career.

Where was Sabato born and raised?

De Sarno was born in Rome, Italy, in 1984 and grew up in Naples and Rome with his family. He was passionate about fashion already as a child. His parents owned and ran a boutique, which allowed Sabato to explore his creative side from a young age.

Aside from Sabato’s contribution to the fashion scene, what else is there to know about him?

Outside of his work in fashion, Sabato keeps his private life largely out of the spotlight. However, he is known to have an interest in classic cars. He is also a strong supporter of LGBTQ rights and has publicly spoken in favor of marriage equality.

Valentino Spring 2023 Couture. Image credit Armando Grillo.
Valentino Spring 2023 Couture. Image credit Flippo Fior.

Published 30/01/2023

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