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17 Questions

with Anna Teurnell

Published 11/02/2023
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A little bit over one year ago, TEURN, in bold letters, started popping up like mushrooms in the ground all over cyberspace. The brand may have looked like a newcomer, but in reality, it had taken quite some time to grow. Founder and the namesake of TEURN, Anna Teurnell is one of the ground pillars of Swedish fashion in the 21st century, although always a pretty silent one (to the big mass that is, certainly not industry insiders) until now. But with TEURN, Anna Teurnell now raises her own voice. So, what does it sound like? Sophisticated with enough edge to make the audience listen closely.

Describe the world of TEURN in three words.

Exclusive. Considered. Long-lasting.

If you had to choose between silhouette or fabric, what would you pick?


If you could turn back time and introduce to the world a design that already exists today, what would it be?
It would have to be the Martin Margiela’s Tabi boot – I have major cravings for those boots and want them in many, many colors.

If an outfit could speak, what would it say to you?

Today, it would say that I’m tailored, yet relaxed. Still functional but a bit crazy due to the wild shearling slippers I’m wearing together with a sharp-cut blazer, a belt with a golden buckle and a cashmere crewneck finished up with very oversized jeans.

“I like when things happen! When life is moving and not standing still”

What does design mean to you?

Considered and thought-through products that work well when it comes to functionality but are still very nice to look at and to wear on your body.

What’s it like being a new brand in 2022?

Being a new brand in 2022 really feels great. For quite some time I had felt a need for a new brand and to make new things happen, new ideas and new ways of working with style and looks. And also communication. To take charge of my own imagery! That makes us and our customers inspired.

What has been your career strategy?

I have let myself move to wherever it has felt fun and enriching to go. I’ve been smart when it came to salary and such, but at the same time, I’ve always followed my instinct. When I’ve been in situations where I’ve felt that I could contribute and create something very good – I’ve gotten inspired and I’ve decided to make the move….

What’s better for you, a clear vision or an instinct?

Instinct comes first and after that, a vision builds up and I try to formulate and explain the vision so my team and I can develop it further and take it to the next level. Then my job is to inspire and explain my thinking.

Do you think you have to be creative to work in a creative industry?

I think there is room for other skills as well. But everyone I have met who works with building collections has been very creative but in different ways and with different styles and ambitions. So I believe creativity isn’t shaped in one single mold.

Do you feel part of the fashion industry?

I think I do. But I think the fashion industry can be soooo much more than just fashion too. In my opinion, fashion can be linked together with other creative fields like interior design, art, dance, music, and so on. When we come together inspiring things can happen and I like to think that I’m a part of that process.

What is your first design memory?

My first design memory is designing shoes when I was 6 or 7 years old out of planks and old textiles. The first pair of shoes I made were pink shoes with wooden soles. Not very easy to walk in. I have created objects I am longing for ever since I was a kid. I still love

the sensation of having an idea and making it happen. Today, I love it, even more, when I now have a team and company beside me in the process. I think when talented people come together with different ideas and skills the end result always turns out best.

What is success to you?

The positive sensation you feel when you work with something that you love and that is fun and engaging. And of course, that others appreciate what you are doing and think the result looks and feels great. That is sooooo enriching! That can be a job. That is success to me.

Does success exhaust you?

I mean I always do something. I am rarely still. The other week I was sick in bed totally exhausted for 3 days. I needed that I guess. Now I am up and running all day long again. It feels so very good to be on my feet again.

How do you nurture inspiration?

I’m constantly open to what is around me. I take notes, collect spreadsheets, I draw, consume culture, dance, look at street style, art, and exhibitions, and listen to music… I’m interested in everything and I notice all things around me. When it’s time to create a new collection I try to put everything that inspires me together and into visuals and eventually it transforms into something wearable.

Do you ever fear never finding inspiration again?

Not really, but I am sometimes worried that the day will come when it is not fun anymore. I feel lucky it has not yet happened to me. But it is so important that what you create feels meaningful.

Do things become easier with experience or does the challenge become greater?

I am always hard on myself and that does not get easier with experience but maybe I am not as worried anymore. I am more confident in what I want and like. But I also feel it’s good to be a bit unsure sometimes: to open up to new aspects and ideas from others.

What are you dreaming of as of right now?

A stockroom for TEURN (that is not my apartment) and to open flagship stores in interesting cities around the world. And that I continuously have a high level of energy and

passion so that things can happen. Again, I like when things happen! When life is moving and not standing still.

Published 11/02/2023

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