Pasta Arrabiata Should Be The White Shirt Of Your Kitchen Repertoire

Published 05/10/2020
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Mimmi Selin is the star chef gone vintage shop owner you all wish was having you on dinner every weekend. Not only does she master the art of setting a table, but it’s also sustainable and freaking delicious.

Hi Hobnob! I am Mimmi, the new cyber house chef. I’ll be cooking for you via screen every now and then now. So happy about that.

Let’s start with a pasta that has very few ingredients but actually qualifies as one of my absolute favorites. There are a lot of unwritten rules about pasta, trust me I would know working in an Italian kitchen for three years. Without disrespecting a family member or any old recipe book I’ll now share with you my take on the Pasta Arrabiata – it will be hot and elegant. As it should.

You’ll need

For 2 big plates.

1 can of good tomatoes á 400 g
1 clove garlic
1 shallot
1 fresh chili
1 pot parsley
some olive oil
salt & sugar

spaghetti obviously

Hi! I prefer canned peeled tomatoes for this dish but that is a matter of taste.

Start by putting the water on the stove. Make it boil and don’t forget the salt! Cook your spaghetti as directed on the package (but maybe a minute or so less, it should be al dente!).

Warm up the oil on low heat, in a deep pan. Once the oil is simmering, add your chopped chili, garlic, and shallot. Make sure your oil is not too hot or you will burn your ingredients and start all over again, okay?

Hey! Taste the chili before you add it to your pan. The strength varies depending on season and sort. Also, some like is spicy and some like it very spicy. I like it very spicy!

Once everything has turned a big brown and your entire kitchen is starting to smell like something wonderful is going on, then it’s time to add the can tomatoes. So the secret now is to add a pinch of sugar to give those tomatoes that warm sunny summer flavor. Give it a taste and see how much a pinch is in your case. Let this simmer for a while and get all extra fluids out. Your tomato sauce should be quite thick by the time the simmering is done. Taste again and add salt.

By now your spaghetti should be done. Bring it down in your saucepan and save some pasta water on the side. Stir the spaghetti and sauce good and if it’s too thick, add some pasta water, that’s what it’s for. And if you like extra creamy, where is where you add a slice of butter and have it melt while sirring carefully.

Hello! Always bring your spaghetti into your saucepan and not the other way around! The taste is in the sauce, right???

Chop your parsley good, even the stems (yes that is where the real flavor is), and top your Pasta Arrabiata right before you serve it. Add some salt if needed!

Bon apetit!

Published 05/10/2020

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