Our top 8 designer vintage stores in Copenhagen

Published 18/10/2019
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I always thought Paris have been the Mecca of vintage heaven (except from Tokyo ofc), but Copenhagen made it to my top 1 after this weekend. I found so many new goodies and luckily I put a shopping limit before I made it to Kastrup. Otherwise I would have been broke for a year now. I’ll show you why.

1. Magnolia Second hand

Favorite store in Copenhagen. I found my dream Céline heels here this weekend, among A LOT of other dream pieces. I think they have the best selection of odd Chanel bags and designer shoes of all vintage stores in Cph.

Købmagergade 5, 150 København

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2. IBlameLULU

So, I took my Boyfriend on this “vintage store tour” this Saturday and when we entered LULU’s door he just poked my shoulder and pointed at the window display. A padded Prada jacket. With a hood. I died and resurrected.

LULU got a bit more Céline, Prada and Rotate-kind of selection. I think I easily could have walked out there with five full bags of treasures.

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Store Regnegade 24, 1110 København.

3. Palomas Vintage

An old freind of ours, right? They are famous for their amazing Yves Saint Laurent pieces. But nowadays I find that they also find unique unbranded pieces, which I LOVE.

But the best part is that they are so pro selling through their Instagram here, even if their store is amazing. Small but yet so cosy.

Grønnegade 29, 1107 København.

4. Bakkekilde Copenhagen

“I swear on Chanel”

The heaven of old ladies Chanel jackets. It’s here I found my turquoise Chanel suit this spring, and it’s so beautiful I barley dare to wear it. Now when we where there he just received Roger Moore’s private collection of sunglasses. So yes, there are a lot of treasures in this little store.

Pistolstræde 4, 1102 København

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5. Time’s Up Vintage

Another treasure of ours, with a hand picked selection of Gucci, Chanel, lots of Hermes and Pucci.

My mom found an amazing old mens Gucci tweed suit here two years ago, which she wears at least one/two times a week.

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Krystalgade 4, 1172 København

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Our kind of autumn palette 💅🏼

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No words needed. Masters of unbranded vintage pieces. Explore more here.

6. Jerome Vintage

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7. Studio travel

Handpicked vintage from Italy and Franc – with iconic brands such as Missoni, Prada, Max Mara and Valentino. But also their own brand (!).

The entire brand aesthetic is inspired by a collective of references from art and music to history and culture.A taste of storied Italian fashion blended with Scandinavian modern simplicity. And who doesn’t love that?? And they also have a section for men, which I found very unique to the other stores here above.

Head to their instagram here and to their website here.

Blågårdsgade 14, 2200 København


A new friend of mine! Just passed this store by accident this weekend and it was for sure a treasure cave. But mostly danish brands, such as Ganni, Helmstedt and Saks Potts. BUT WHO SAY NO TO THAT???

I was so close to try on this white foxy coat from Saks Potts, but last minute I contained myself and remembered I already have a purple one. But yet not a white one. The struggle is REAL.

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Antonigade 9, 1106 Kobenhavn.

Published 18/10/2019

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