Only 5 Minutes Until Your Skype Meeting? I Have 7 Looks For You

We all can relate to that feeling nowadays, right? All routines are upside down, we don’t know what day it is and even lost the count of how many days in a row we have been wearing the same pajamas.

Well, that’s at least how I feel.

But, as Skype is queen of these social distancing days and high speed wifi has been as essential for people as stocking toilet paper, I have 7 great five-minutes-looks for you to look fantastic in on the Skype screen.

Because remember, even though life may seem to be on paus doesn’t mean your style has to be.

The doll look

This is a great, like really really great, way of re-locating the focus from a tired face. I present to you: the giant bow! Am I right? I just put a blazer on over the t-shirt I slept in, and et voilá! Ready to Skype with the Hobnob Journal team.

Blazer Céline
Giant bow Glitter
Necklace Blue Billie
Earrings All Blues

Or why not throw a scrunchie party?

A perfect look if you haven’t washed your hair in a week *like me* and want something extra, like “the next step” from a regular “scrunchie bun”. Great for chit-chating with friends.

T-shirt The Frankie shop
Necklace Blue Billie
Scrunchies Bik Bok

It’s all about the hair clip.

Or should I say crown?

That was at least what Fanny asked me yesterday when I wore this hairstyle haha. Needs exactly 2.5 minute to do! The famous man bun but instead of doing a regular top knot, I did the knot in this hair clip. And hello, here I am! Wearing my PJ shirt from Arket (you really can’t tell right?) and earrings from Céline.

Having a serious business meeting?

The sleek ponytail look with clean hair pins is always a safe card. Ultimate for important business meetings? Of course I am wearing PJ pants under this, who do you take me for?

I bought these hair pins just a couple of days ago, the day before all the stores closed down and I am sooooo happy I did. Been wearing them everyday since. They go with everything. But then again, of course they do, they are hair pins.

Hair clips Prada
Blazer Arket
T-shirt The Frankie Shop

The diadem

Maybe the speediest look of them all? No guidance needed.

Diadems both Prada
Sweater Arket
Necklace Blue Billie

All or nothing

Or are you more like me and can’t decide what style to do? Wear them all. Also, it’s a great icebreaker to start the meeting by explaining all the weird har clips you’re wearing.

All these tips can of course be applied to wine dates over cyber. Also great for hiding the traces of previous ones.

The cap is a true hero piece for above situations. Perfect to hide unwanted (Chanel) bags under your eyes. And you look trés cool.

Cap Hobnob Journal (soon to be launched)

Could you even tell that I am not wearing any make up in all the pictures (don’t scroll back and look cheater!!)? No I thought so (or maybe you did hehe). Hair accessories are e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. And really life saviors for all your cyber meetings. You are welcome.

Published 25/03/2020

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