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Published 26/03/2020
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During these times, you can really take your time to dive deep into things you want to learn. So, we give you – How to Second hand shop, Hobnob style.

The art of thrift shopping might not be as tricky as you think. This guide will hopefully break it down to the basics and help you find your next catch. Me, Fanny and Linn put together a little survival guide: second hand edition. Enjoy!

Me in one of my favorite finds from Chloé

Have patience. I think the most common mistake when it comes to thrifting is that we don’t have enough patience, it takes time and to make sure you don’t miss anything it’s VITAL to look through the racks piece by piece.

Yes, I said piece by piece. All of them.

Try things on. Something might not look very flattering hanging in the back of the store, without being steamed for what seems like forever. But, it’s very important to try to see the bigger picture. Sizes doesn’t tell you much when you go second hand shopping, either. Try them on a little, dance a little, shop a lot.

When asking Fanny what her best advice for shopping pre loved styles was – we where on the same page. She answered me with: Take your time. Like really really take your time. Keep your hands free and look through every hanger. Maybe the treasure you are looking for won’t show instantly? When I enter a second hand shop I always scan the place for patterns or colors I like, but it’s when I start to look through the racks I discover my greatest finds.

She continued with other thrift hacks:

Know your years.
Knowing what you like is always great but sometimes it takes time. Google, search through books and save on instagram images of time eras you like and the brands that were huge then and you will be able to find the real gems in every thrift store. I prefer 70s denim and leather jackets, 80s old lady blazers and cigarette trousers and 90s logo accessories. And scarves from every era in the 1900s. 

How will this last over time? First, I always try to ask myself this when shopping, wether I am vintage shopping or not. Will this garment and I be a one time thing? If I believe so I hang it back. But if I can see myself wearing it to more than 5 occasions I keep it. The second thing I do is look at the label of material. Is it 100% synthetic? Then I really think it through.

Last but not least she rounded off by telling me to get a ”thing”. 
“It’s always more fun to second hand shop if you have a mission. I have a thing for 70s shirts, all kinds of old suits and old mens trousers.”

Couldn’t agree more, Fanny.

Second hand shopping according to Linn

The first thing Linn mentions is bringing a buddy. Here’s what she has to say about it:
I love going thrift shopping with Fanny. Our strategy is that we always start our huntings (if we have time) with a coffee. Then we talk through (among a lot of other things haha) what we are looking for that day. And it’s so great because then we are four eyes looking for “the perfect leather blazer” or “a vintage cardigan to ski in”, and that could absolutely be the determining factor in the vintage jungle. It’s easy to miss the goodies!!!!

Always take the second (and third) lap. 
I never find the really good ones during my first round in a second hand store. The treasures, somehow, always tend to be a bit shy in the beginning but always sneak along during the second lap. So be patient, I promise you the third round is always the best. 

The last piece of advice to bring with you, Linn also says, is: ALWAYS try on the pieces. (Told ya!!)
“This is my weak part”, she says. “I have 0 patience when it comes to wait in fitting room lines, or even the thought of undressing and then getting dressed a couple of times in a narrow fitting room space. BUT, knowing from experience, when it’s vintage pieces, you should always try them on. Even if it’s your size the fits varies so much between the decades. Especially vintage denim and trousers! And also to avoid buying something you won’t wear or feel comfortable in.”

Thrift shopping 101:
Have patience
Try things on (x2)
Take your time
Know your years
How will this last over time?
Get your “thing”
Bring a buddy
Always take the second (and third) lap

Published 26/03/2020

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