One Scarf, Five Styles

Published 26/06/2020
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The continuous issue when traveling: room for clothes. When packing for your summer house or vacation, the struggle with making room for all the clothes you want to bring is real. The solution? Bring a few garments that’s versatile – it’s both sustainable and practical. And yes, you can totally make it fashion.

I present to you: one scarf, five styles.


Fold the scarf in two, tie a knot and just like that you’re ready for the beach. Or going grocery shopping. Or wherever you want to go, really.


This can be done in a million ways, no joke. Today this was the choice of top I went for. You never know where you’ll end up when doing it yourself.
An adventure, you say? Totally!


When wearing the same scarf for a couple of days, it might not feel that fun dressing up in it anymore. So why only wear it? Make it a tote!


Well, maybe not a dress you’d wear to dinner (or why not?). But it’s perfect for the beach. Flowy and takes little room in your beach-bag. Do you need anything else when going to the playa? I don’t think soooo.

And last, but not least…


Living my secret – or maybe not that secret – 1960’s dream. Driving around on the countryside, listening to Etta James and (ofc!!!!!) wearing THE headscarf. I think that’s an essential piece when time traveling. Even then it won’t take up much space. You can go wherever you want.
You go, scarf, you go!

Published 26/06/2020

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