One Fringe Jacket, a Lot of Outfits

I actually planned this purchase in advance for quite some time. That’s what it’s all about these days right? I am, as you know by now, all in when it comes to consuming in a more sustainable way. Thrifting and vintage shopping has always been my biggest passion, but planning purchases? I am not a person known for making plans.

However – I really felt like I not only wanted, but actually needed this piece in my closet. I just never knew that I would wear it to basically everything.

Fringe jacket – Vintage

We bought our first apartment and we’re in the middle of renovations. seeing the whole process is so much fun!! I went by our place a lot last week. I also wore my new favorite jacket a lot, so I though I combined the two and show you what it looked like.

The day with the denim

On Monday, I wore the fringe jacket with denim from top to toe, both from Won Hundred.

The day the jacket was worn as a dress

I’m really digging these tights in contrast to the heavier deep colored suede. Even though I feel like a cowboy most days, this was the time I felt least like a cowboy.

Tights, Swedish Stockings x Ganni. Heels are thrifted.

And then was the one where the category was: Embarrassing dad at a football game.

Everything in this outfit is actually thrifted, except for the cap that I got in a gift shop in SF.

The day with the flower pants

I enjoy styling statement pieces with statement pieces. On Sunday, I wore my fringe jacket paired with my flower pants from Stine Goya.

I can’t wait for spring the arrive for real, so I’ll be able to wear the fringe jacket with all of my dresses. Stay tuned!

Published 23/02/2020

Lowe Olsen is a designer and a dog loving vintage freak who makes her own clothes and loves watching cartoons every chance she gets.