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Published 12/10/2019
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Vintage blazers

I can’t hold myself nowadays when it comes to vintage Yves Saint Laurent jackets. As you maybe know by now, I found my dream one at Thanx god I’m VIP in Paris last week and it’s truly the Mecka of vintage blazers. If you’re in Paris, you have to go there. If not, Vestiaire Collective have a crazy good selection rn. 

Find same one here.

Boots, boots and boots.

Zara has a crazy boot game now. Me and Fanny just ordered these Bottega Veneta look-a-likes to welcome fall in. I’ve found at least 10 I want to buy atm.

Lofoten, Norway

Rn me and my boyfriend are planning a trip over New Years & my 25th birthday, and it seems like we’re heading up to north of Norway. Which have been our dream destination since, what feels like, forever.

During this time of the year, the sun never rises above the horisont, so we will hike the mountains and go horseback riding in the middle of the nights to see the Northern lights.

So yes,
Hiking gear is now on top of my wish list. 

Lignet Roset TOSO

Speaking of my 25th birthday, Fanny got herself a Chanel suit for her big day this summer… I’m thinking of a Lignet Roset TOSO armchair.

I’ve been dreaming (and talking) of this one since I moved away from home, and now I’m maybe moving in to a new apartment – just in time for my birthday (!).

So, I just have to get it!!!! Right???

My latest instagram follow

Is @viola3000. Go follow her here. Incredibly inspiring, all crazy stuff I also want to have in my bathroom or my dining table.

Not to talk about all her Jacquemus bags.

Published 12/10/2019

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