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Published 10/02/2020
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New week, new me. No, just kidding. Same me, same tons of new cravings. Here they are.

The perfect sideboard

As you know by now I have moved to a new place, and the second funniest thing in life I know is furnishing. And now I am looking for the perfect vintage sideboard to have in our living room together with this mirror. And it’s hard! Either its too small, wrong color or too expensive.

Sideboard from Lauritz.com

Michelle Li’s outfit

I want to copy this outfit straight away. End of message.

(Yes, that also includes Michelle’s amazing hair color).

Follow very cool Michelle here.

Tokyo baby

Me and Fanny are going to Tokyo in May!!!! I have been there a couple of times, both for work and vacation. But it’s Fannys first time and we are soooo excited over this.

Hit us if you have any tips of restaurants, vintage stores (very important subject) or any cool museums/exhibitions we just can’t miss.

A new pajama to my collection

Since for as long I can remember I’ve been a huge fan of PJ’s. Of any kind. I remember my first week at uni when you have these campus days and partying every night that weeks, at a new club every night? Yes? No? However, the party I went to I put on my most comfortable pajama and my favorite heels on and went. My friends have now told me afterwards how fun and strange they thought I was who went on a nightclub in PJ’s, not in deep V neckline or a bum short dress. Well, I had a shitloads of fun anyways! And could go straight to bed when I came home. And now I realize I need a new one.

Pj set, Tiger of Sweden

The Maeva Boots

Do I need to write anything? I never thought I needed I pair of light blue boots this much. Well, it’s after all Paris Fashion Week soon.

Should I?

Boots via Topshop.

Published 10/02/2020

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