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Published 15/09/2019
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The white shirt but not in white

You know how a white shirt almost always is a good idea? I have the same feelings about beige shirts right now. September is coming to an end, which means the warm days a behind us and the season of layering is at the doorstep. I look forward to layering this with one more shirt? A turtleneck? A tank to? Basically anything?

Jeans, Calvin Klein via Beyond Retro.

Perfect denim

This title puts a lot of pressure on jeans, right? But jeans can handle it.

I accidentally stumbled upon the perfect pair of jeans the other day at vintage store Beyond Retro. I wasn’t really looking for new jeans, but when you find the perfect fit vintage you have to go for it or forever regret it (or that’s what I’ve been told).

I’ll be wearing these a lot this season.


My favorite thing about the season switch is the updated shoe wardrobe. I am done with summer sandals (but not flip-flops I love you forever) and ready for something real. This fall I am all about tucking my pants into my boots. Therefor I need some really good boots. Preferably croco. The only question remaining after sourcing down these two, & Other Stories and Jimmy Choo boots is, high heel or mid heel?

Image via suzannekoller

Black leather + White denim

No but could I be any more turned on by black leather in combination of white denim? Nahhh

Image, Stephanie Gundelach

Patent lavender

Lavender has been my (and Linns!) color of the year. We have it in the Hobnob logotype, it’s the color of our office walls (and ceiling!) and injected in our wardrobes.

Greece brand-to-watch Stefania Vaidani just released their fall winter collection and the croco print lavender pieces are pretty much all the color I need for this season.

Linn in her purple Saks Potts coat.

Imagine this dress with some wide high boots

This jacket with some vintage denim and mules!!

Skirt to go with same jacket or why not a rib turtleneck?

Published 15/09/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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