What To Wear To All Christmas Parties Hosted Over Zoom

Published 21/12/2020
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When friends Siân Frances and Grace Avery first saw how the fashion community and cyber magazine Man Repeller started re-branding and changing direction of content they joked about how someone should start Old Man Repeller to preserve the soul in what used to be kind of like an open mic night for fluffy shoes, color block teddy coats and clogs. The joke turned into an actual Old Man Repeller account on Instagram where they now entertain 40K people every week with looks women love but men hate. Read more about it here.

As an extension to having really humor and witty minds they also happen to have really good personal styles. Chocker. Hobnob asked them to do a Holiday Style Guide between one another over Zoom and this is how it went down.

We suppose you could call us ahead of the curve. We’re on opposite sides of the world and getting together is a total logistical nightmare, so Zoom parties are the only kind of party our current long-distance friendship knows. None of us may have predicted Coronavirus, but we had been unknowingly preparing for all the waist up outfits since mid-2019. As two experts on the subject (can we label ourselves experts?), we thought it would be helpful to share our lewks so you’re prepped for all the Zoom Christmas party invites about to clog your inbox.

The Beetlejuice

If by juice we mean martini, which I do. I was hoping that when I purchased this vintage blouse I’d be wearing it to some glamorous London cocktail bar while listening to Jazz, with Grace by my side because she just flew in to celebrate the fact I received an offer to work at Manolo Blahnik. But none of this happened of course, although I am still waiting to hear back about the job.

The DeerStalker

I can’t be the only person who was completely drawn into The Crown, can I? This is what I’d be wearing to go stalking in Balmoral, followed by a game of iddle dibble. Or what I’d wear to the Zoom Christmas party – what is more of a unifier then a common Netflix obsession? Not sure if the Windsors would vibe the transparent organza top, but surely everyone after a couple of drinks is okay with transparency.

The Saturday Night Fever feat. Madeline.

I know in the 1998 film Hatty Jones, did not wear a beret, however she did live in Paris so when I put it on it’s like my body is taken over and I want to shout “poo poo!” at every person that comes closer than 2 metres to me when I’m trying to strut/jig down the street to Disco Inferno. By my song choice the tempo I like to walk to should be clear.

The Ready for Bed

If I’m going to be totally honest, a Zoom party isn’t totally my idea of a party. So if you are in the same boat as me and have long distance BFFs and not attending is not an option, channel the life of the party through your outfit. Consider this: a pair of ostentatious pyjamas (feathers preferred) and a silk headpiece (to bring the extra glam, but also to protect your hair whilst sleeping) Once the clock strikes midnight, make like Cinderella and run straight into your bed for an undisturbed nights sleep. The perfect balance.

To really make it a party

A killer playlist duh. Over at Old Man Repeller, we made the ULTIMATE Christmas party playlist. Don’t play it around people that don’t appreciate what it means to vibe, they don’t deserve to know what it feels like to listen to Holly Jolly Christmas by Dolly Parton while eating pigs in blankets.

It isn’t a party without the expert mixologist and total sauce, Stanely Tucci. Of course it isn’t possible for him to be in every home this holiday season (We have a vaccine but we’re yet to clone Tucci?!) but we can have his cocktails, and videos of him shaking it up with his arms(!!!!!) while conversing with his wife, who for this exercise, is us/you. 

Pyjama pants for dancing in comfort and the necessary bottoms to accompany any waist up lewk.

Scotch sour, not so sour

1 ounce of simple syrup
1 ounce of lemon juice
3 shots of scotch 
Orange to garnish 

Published 21/12/2020

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