All I can think of at this very moment is dresses. The past couple of months I’ve been hunted with a huge clothing anxiety. I love my closet, but I can’t really tell or feel what I’d like to wear each morning. From being a person who gets dressed, drinking 58 cups of coffee and doing the make up (still half asleep though) in 15 minutes; I can easily take 40 minutes to just try on which pair of pants I want to wear. It drives me crazy. So, to get rid of the pants-problem I recently discovered the beauty in dresses; NO PANTS NEEDED. I save at least 40 minutes every morning (joke), but I love the fact you don’t need pants, or when cold, can wear colorful tights (which is my next obsession, but let’s talk about that later).

The picnic blanket

Best kind of dresses are the ones you can’t really tell if it’s a picnic blanket or a dress. My latest craving is, or actually everything, from the brand STAUD. Just ordered this unreasonable perfect midsummer dress. But will probably be wearing it the same day it arrives.

Puffy arms.

The combo of having puffy and wide arms, together with a marked waist is my favorite fit at the moment. And this Ganni dress is just beyond anything I ever worn before, can’t really understand how I survived without it before. 

Vintage founds (via Fanny)

Fanny just sent me this photo from Stadsmissionen, a local second hand store, just around her corner. IS’NT IT AMAZING. I screamed to her to buy it for me and so she (hopefully) did. Find same here, but in red, via Vestiaire Collective. And yes, this is definitely our best sport. 

Cupcake with legs

If I had to choose one piece of clothing to wear for the rest of my life it would be this cupcake dress from Cecilie Bahnsen. It’s a piece of art (!). And I can see it with everything from grandpa sandals, cowboy boots or kick ass heels.

*Note to self: GET ONE ASAP. 

My top four best dress makers:

Alessandra Rich

Stine Goya

M.92 Clothing

The Attico

Shop till you drop, you’re welcome!

Date night


Picnic party

Matches Fashion x Ganni

The little orange

Rotate Birger Christensen

Saturday bubble brunch

Alessandra Rich

Wedding crasher

The Vampires Wife

Second date

The Attico

Beach party

Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza

Published 20/05/2019

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