Nadia Kandil’s Quarantine Outfit Diary

Published 20/05/2020
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Nadia Kandil is a Stockholm based stylist, creative consultant and podcast host. She likes quick noodles, yoga tights and googling celebrity airport outfits.

Putting together outfits these days feels more and more like when I was playing dress-up as a child. I have perfect outfits but nowhere to go. Then again that’s a bit of a stretch since we’re not actually under a lockdown, but still dressing up doesn’t feel real since nothing is happening right now. Maybe it’s because you now more than ever dress up for yourself. Turns out dressing for others rolls off of my tongues, dressing for myself is harder.

Now is the time to get all pampered and dolled up for a night in with yourself. 


There should be mirrors on the street for pictures! A mirror picture is more honest, feels real somehow.

Coat, Totême
Bag, Bottega Veneta 
Sneakers, Converse x Commes Des Garcons


What a wonderful world it would if I could walk around in a pyjama looking attire all the time! 

Coat, Totême
Knit, Weekday
Trousers, Baum und Pferdgarten
Slippers, Flattered


Forever snacking.

Tank w shoulder pads, H&M
Denim, Levi’s
Earrings, stolen from Elsa


So what happens when you buy a pair of tights for approx 150€? You’ve gone mad, for sure. But also, now you have a piece in your wardrobe you can use all day everyday. So is that a blessing or a curse?

Shirt, Marinekko
Tights, Totême
Shoes, Totême 
Cap, Adidas


This dress is available in white. Who wants to marry me?

Dress, Totême 

All Weekend

Here’s one of them honest mirror selfies + unwashed hair. 

Jacket, Rodebjer
Denim, Levi’s
Belt, Chanel 
Shoes, Zara

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Published 20/05/2020

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