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Published 02/07/2021
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No I can’t actually believe I am writing this, but I have never been this satisfied with my wardrobe. Ever. Can you believe it? I have been longing for this day since, I guess, forever? As much as I love working with fashion, I can also get a bit motion sick from all the fast turns all the time. Right now I am really tired of the thing called “being first” of buying or posting something on social media. I have been in situations where me or friends have been cancelled because me or she, by accident, bought the same sunglasses as another person in the business. Crazy right? However, working in this business makes you some times develop an unhealthy relationship with consuming clothing. As you know, I have always been very into thrifting and finding great pieces pre-loved. But the pandemic has really changed me in many ways, not the least how I think about my wardrobe, consuming and now “investment pieces”. Since March started I have really gone through my wardrobe very carefully a few times which made me end up selling, I think, more than 50% of it. And I am so so happy everyday with that decision. My entire style feels now more long lasting, but of course not boring. I made a deal with myself and decided to save half of the money I made from the selling to a future summer house and then allowed me to re-invest in some pieces I have been longing for years but never made it. With that said, I can now almost swear that I don’t have a single piece in my wardrobe that doesn’t fit, I don’t use or feel uncomfortable in. If that isn’t goals I don’t know what.

So now I have gathered, so far, my favorite summer pieces. Old and re-invested. Just for you.

Lets start with maybe my best purchase. Ever.

The toweling dress

If you are following me on Instagram I guess you haven’t missed me wearing this dress, a lot. It is one of those pieces I couldn’t even dream of owning myself one day, and a couple of weeks ago it happened. You can’t really tell in the pictures, but it’s a mix between heavy knitting and Terry – a material you can’t just pass without noticing it. I just had to try it. My mom said to me “you are not leaving this store without it”. I love my mom, haha. And so it was, and I have used it soooooo much. It makes me feel so cool, feminine and a bit weird in it. My favorite combination of them all.

Find it from Bottega Veneta here.

Ready for next?

If the Bottega dress is my number one best purchase, this must be the number two.

Do you remember when Gucci showed this 70’s inspired jumpsuit for the Spring Summer 2018 show? But in green. And everyone went bananas over it. If not, I refer to this one.

It was like searching for water in the desert, sold out everywhere. It was like waiting for a date who never called back, but I got over it and moved on. Then! A couple of weeks ago I ran into a friends mom, who wore this in a dark navy colored and got med reminded of that amazing first date again and I immediately started looking for the number in my contacts.

And sometimes you are lucky. There it was, one in pink in my size at Vestiaire Collective and it screamed my name. Hi new, but pre-loved, life long friend.

Party for one

Since it hasn’t been any parties for (very obvious) reasons the past year, I decided to get this party suit anyway just to spice my own party mood up. I did search for this set for almost over a year, but it was sold out everywhere. I even wrote Emma but she said thet would not re-stock it. But then ONE DAY, I had a DM from her and told me The Outnet had re-stocked a few and I couldn’t put these two pieces in my basket any faster. Sooooo freaking happy.

Can’t wait to take it for a (safe) spin at town soon.

And if you haven’t checked out the brand Rowen Rose yet, you have to do it. They for sure offer the best dresses on the market.

Get the skirt here

Get the top here

The re-birth of the swimsuit

I have always been a bikini girl, in all shapes and colors. But lately (I guess the life after 25?) I started consider the comfort of a swimsuit higher over a tanned stomach. Anyone else with me here?

If you answered no in the previous post, I can highly recommend you try it.

However, since my comfort took over I have extended my swimsuit wardrobe with a couple of really cool pieces. And believe me, swimsuits can be as hard as bikinis. Either too tight, or too big. It’s truly a sport to find one that suits your body like a glove. If you are like me and like tight ones with some ass coverage, I have some really great ones to recommend you.

Speaking of (swim)suits


Suit, Rodebjer
Swimsuit, Fendi
Bag, Bottega Veneta

It is not a secret that a suit can save any wardrobe crisis, so I decided to finally search for THE vacation suit. Not too boring, not too extra and not too weird.

Then I ran into this very Jacquemus-ish suit at an archive sale of the Swedish brand Rodebjer, and fell in love with it almost as fast as I did with my boyfriend the first time I met him. It ticked all the boxes I was looking for, and got that extra thing you can’t really put words on.

Then I also re-discovered the finesse of wearing swimsuits as a top. Yet again, not rocket science, but since I have transformed from a bikini girl to a swimsuit lady there are so many more opportunities!!! Like wearing this Fendi swimsuit under this suit, can you even tell it is a swimsuit? No, I know.

My (terry) obsession has gone out of control

And obviously my love for giant hats too.

Robe as a jacket? Or the other way around? Either way, this might be one of the greatest combos. And very weird if you think twice, why buy a morning robe?? Well, I got te answer right here: I can go straight from the shower to dinner without even the need to change. Then straight to bed, and then from bed to the pool again. The circle is sealed.

So, call me when you find a better piece of clothing.

Terry robe from Prada
Hat from Jacquemus

Something velvet

Alessandra Rich via Vestiaire Collective

Another piece I have been looking for over a year is, not very surprisingly, this velvet dress from Alessandra Rich. I had it in my basket at TheRealReal a year ago, but was too sappy so someone way faster stole it from me. Yes, it indeed hunted me for a while. However, when it suddenly came up at Vestiaire Collective a couple of weeks ago I was faster than the light to catch it and now I wear it at least once a week. It actually entered my list as a new wardrobe safe card. Not bad, right? I wear it either with flip flops or with heels, can’t wait to wear it this fall with sneakers and a giant blazer.

Shoes of the season, year and decade

If the perfect strappy heels had to choose one look, these Bottega Veneta would be the ones. And tehy are actually super comfortable.

In green here and blue here.

From the Pool to Spritz look

A great shirt is worth every penny there is. Or that is at least what Fanny have told me. I actually not been that kind of sucker for shirts before, but then I was introduced to Balenciaga cotton shirts. And now I can’t go anywhere without this pink one. It goes with everything! Isn’t that weird? Even how plain or crazy the piece is, if you like it, it suddenly goes with everything.

My best summer go-to-look? A swimsuit and this shirt over, perfect for pool or hot garden days.

Shirt, Balenciaga
Swimsuit, Fendi
Sunglasses, Chanel
Earrings, Balenciaga
Hat, Jacquemus

The perfect date look

Last but not least. The final puzzle bite in my vacation wardrobe was “the perfect date look”. The ultimate one for me is to feel casual/cool/feminine/sexy at the same time. I know, it is a sport to find this too!! The two designers who can pull this combinations off (in my opinion) are Jacquemus and Christopher Esber. When I found THE SET in this fire orange color it ticked all the boxes, so now I am all set for hot summer dates with my bf.

Top and skirt, Christopher Esber via Vestiaire Collective
Shoes, Bottega Veneta
Bag, Bottega Veneta

And the summer has just started. Can’t wait to wear all these looks for many more summers to come.

Published 02/07/2021

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