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Published 16/08/2020
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I practically had no choice but to be interested in fashion since I was born in such a fashionable family, which I’m thankful for everyday. According to me fashion has been a hobby as long as I remember. In later days it appears to have changed into more or less a lifestyle, both for me and the members of my crew.

There is an expression that goes “it runs in the family” – a saying describing my situation preeeetty accurate. 

Sooo how do I put down my style in words? “That looks like something you would wear”, but how come??? I’m often overdressed meaning I prefer to dress up for all kinds of occasions, if it so is school, a night out or say walk down the streets of London. The main thing is that the color return in the outfit- I mean why not make it complete by putting on socks in the same color? Furthermore “layer on layer” never lets you down, and not to forget to accessorize.

During summer though, when the heatwave arrives, “layer on layer” is kept on the shelf when the amount of clothes decreases. 

Hi pasta land

After a vacation spent in the country of pizza and pasta not only I have gained a few pounds but also my suitcase. I found both this wonderful skirt and top in a little shop in Alassio. I do love these colors together.

And yes, I got the skirt in all three colors available.

Orange is the new black

Orange is the new black??? Yes. That is true. Or at least if you ask me (and my wardrobe).

Found this playful two-piece set in another store in Alassio and the brand is called Robert Hugh? Have to admit that I do not hate that this set makes my legs look even longer, if that is even possible haha. In love with the color combination too!

My summer safe card

When the me and my family spent a week on the French Riviera a few years ago me and Linn bought matching dresses from Lisa Marie Fernandez and ever since it has been a returning summer favorite. What I like about this is that it’s very flowy. A gamechanger in the heat, just throw it on whenever you’re on the way to the beach, or in the evening. Fit for fight for every occasion.

Clueless, anyone?

Ugh, as if! Inspired from the iconic movie Clueless I bought this set on ASOS.

Whenever I wear it I feel like Cher. 

You can never have to much glitter!

I have finally found the perfect party dress. Agree? Dress from Aniye By.

Always match your lips with your bikini?

Of course. What else.

Aside from color I also love patterns, especially striped and checked.

Bikini from Twinset.

Let’s go to the beach beach, let’s go get away!

The perfect salmon pink skirt from Missoni.

Hi blazer dress! I love you!

I love the style on this dress, the fit of a blazer but as a dress with the belt in the waist and wide shoulders. And let’s not talk about the color.

Love orange as much as Liv do? Yes or no, make sure to follow her here.  

Published 16/08/2020

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