My top 6 places to go broke rn when it comes to vintage hunting online

Published 17/07/2019
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Vestiaire Collective

It’s not a secret that my top 1 go-to-place is Vestiaire Collective. I think I’ve spent half a fortune there (I don’t want to think about it EVER). But I’ve done some real once in a lifetime bargains there! Or so I am telling myself. And as Carrie says, shopping is a sport. Although the internet part of it actually kills the exercise Carrie is referring to but WHAT THE HELL.

I know some of you may know this, but I’ll say it anyways. The best way to make bargains at Vesti is to haggle. Just put your dream price in the Make an offer box.

If you did not know this, life as you know it may just have changed. And no, nobody pays me to say this. Although I feel like someone should.

Go to shop and make that money fly over at Vestiaire Collective here.

Beach clubbing

Lisa Marie Fernandez

Romantic nights

Non Signé / Unsigned

No bad hair days

Non Signé / Unsigned

The Vintage Bar

This is a pretty new lover of mine. Here you will find vintage bags you can’t find somewhere else and to a really reasonable price!! Vestiaire is good and all and you can find unique pieces, but the pricing point can be really out there sometimes. The Vintage Bar is more handpicked and the prices are more uni. I am so so so close to getting this yellow Prada thing below. Should I? Let’s vote?

Go shop Fendi baguettes and more at The Vintage Bar here


Where to start on this one? It’s really a never ending jungle of treasures. Everything from Prada totes with sombreros on it, to vintage Chanel suits and 8$ velvet headbands. Fanny has black belt in Ebay-shopping, go DM her for further tips.

And yes, you will need some time for this one.

Find my dream old Céline skirt here.

Farfetch pre-owned

THE HEAVEN of pre-owned (very) luxury Chanel items. And a lot other things as well. But are you ready to find THE Chanel suit of your life, you’re at the right place. I wouldn’t mind one or two, especially not this one.

Go shop til’ you drop here.


Rebelle’s platform is pretty similar to Vestiaire Collective, from UK with pre-owned designer items. However, I would say their expertise is in designer bags – both rare vintage finds and in-season-bags. If you don’t find what you’re looking for at VC, you’ll probably find it here. And now they also have really good sale deals, I would sail over here asap to catch something really tasty.

Paloma Vintage

One of my top 3 favorite vintage stores in Copenhagen. But the best part; they actually mainly sell over Instagram – which is perfect when you live overseas. But you better be fast when she posts new treasures, because they disappears faster than the wind.

So, with that said, it’s time to put on the notifications!

Find my favorites down here atm or run over to their Instagram here to find even more.

Wine hour

Louis Fèraud

Chilly nights

Yves Saint Laurent

Rainbow in a dress

Yves Saint Laurent

Circus theme party


Jackets out

Yves Saint Laurent

Pyjama party


Published 17/07/2019

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