Published 19/07/2019
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My summer vintage style with stylist Anna Winck

Anna Winck is our latest Instagram crush. She is living in Stockholm with her cat Arnold and working as a stylist and stylist assistant. We are dying for her Dior bikini and get super confused about her contempt for sunglasses.

My go-to things for this summer is aperol spritz, magnum mint, white bermuda shorts and a tank top!

“I always dress like the rainbow, but this summer has opened my eyes for all-white outfits”

Which type of summer person are you? 

I am a rosé wine and Magnum ice cream all day-summer type. And I love being in the sun, I take every chance I get.

Do you have any saviors when the warm weather strikes?

My new bikini from dior, definitely! Want to live in it this piece all year if its possible. And my pink checkered hat. And for the evening, I just add a pair of high waisted bermudas and a oversized blazer. 

“I don’t wear sunglasses. This may sound strange. But I have about 50 pairs in my closet”

You will find this in my beach bag this summer…

I guess I have to write SPF these days or I will be banned from Instagram? And I never leave the house without ice cream money, sunglasses (that I end up never wearing) and my cat Albert. 

My ultimate summer destination

Greece and Croatia – greek salad and vegan cevapi? Do I need to say more? I could go there for the food alone, but I love everything about it! My fave spots are Santorini and Brac. But I also have to mention my hometown Helsingborg – a hidden beauty. I love Swedish summer in Helsingborg, cycling in town, eating cinnamon buns and swimming non-stop. If you find yourself in the close-by, you have to visit Flickorna Lundgren, coziest spot in Skåne. And with my second home country Denmark 20 minutes from Helsingborg, what not to love?

What do you pack for vacation?

Way too much clothes! In my luggage you’ll find at least 7 swimsuits and an abundance of hats. I’m weak for skirts and shorts so I always pack some extras. And I somehow always bring too few shoes.

Tell us all about your summer beauty hack?

Lots of water and crisps! That’s about everything you need to survive a hot day, for body and mind. And swimming in the ocean, I love the salt water style.

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Published 19/07/2019

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