My summer style with summer goddess Michaela Wissén

She is a never ending travel goddess that makes us wanna leave Sweden and never come back. It’s vespa nights in Ponsa Italy, road trips in California or beers and boat rides in Mallorca, all year around. Of course all in slippy dresses and dreamy local market founds. I asked Michaela to share her summer secrets with us, and so she did.

Which type of summer person are you? 

I guess I would say that I’m a spontaneous, micro-managing, sun consumer. I know what I want out of my summer a year in advance, but I also like to take things on the go. My agenda: a few weeks on the Swedish countryside to wind down, a week in Mallorca, a week somewhere new, and hopefully a trip with friends. I am always up for anything in terms of summer.

My go to pieces this summer

A light weight vintage blazer for cool summer nights, a straw bag for beach days, a linen set, and gold vintage jewels collected from my travels. 

What I always bring but never wear

Sad but true, heels. The´re called summer feet for a reason. 

What I’ll bring in my beach bag this summer
Always sunscreen, an extra bikini, a good read, a game of backgammon, water, and some fresh fruit. 

The outfit that save me on a hot summer day
To survive summer’s intense, humid heat I reach for foolproof vintage Levis shorts and a ribbed tank – less is more.

Ultimate summer destination
Anywhere in or on the Mediterranean is my ultimate summer destination. But if I had to pick a place, it would be on a sailboat, island hopping in Italy. 

“Half my suitcase consists of all different shapes and sizes of bikinis. The less of a tan line, the better”

What I pack on my vacation

Always way too much. I bring everything I think I´ll wear, and wear everything I think I wouldn’t wear. But if you must know, half my suitcase consists of all different shapes and sizes of bikinis (the less of a tan line, the better), a few simple summer dresses, 2 pairs of vintage Levis shorts (that look the exact same, but fit differently), a t-shirt and some blouses. As far as shoes go, I´ll bring a pair of heels, some sandals and a pair of work out shoes (because it makes me feel better). 

And last but not least, give us your beauty hack for summer? 

Lashlift saves my summer lashes. 

Published 08/07/2019

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