“My summer persona is slutty country side artist”

Creative Gustav Broström shares his summer style

Gustav is one of the most creative and good hearted people I have in my phone book. I first met him on a fashion week many moons ago, and I thought to myself how can someone so young still be so effortlessly cool?? The super cheesy line je ne sais quoi, or to have that certain something, like one also could say if one don’t want to pretend to know french, was maybe written to be said about men like Gustav.

Now, many fashion seasons later, he is still all those things, but he aslo has the best summer style. Both when it comes to wardrobe and beauty closet. I asked him to share his summer style and he did.

Gustav wearing suit from Arket.

Describing a perfect summer day

Wow, how much time do I have?

I wake up at 7 with a slight headache from the night before, we stayed up late and drank all the wine and thank God I put water next to the bed. The rooms is perfectly tempered because I’m in a stone house in southern Italy. I go back to sleep and wake up at 9, have breakfast with my friends and then head down to the pool.

We stay there all day, occasionally go up to the house for Pellegrino Limonata and watermelon. Around 2 we get in our cars and go to the nearby village, it’s Antique Market day and while having ice cream we stroll around the town square and look at things either too big to bring home or too expensive. I end up getting foot in marble, you know a roman one as well as a 60’s LV-monogrammed tote bag with perfect patina. At 5 we go back to the house, have a siesta and when we wake up someone has served G&T:s while doing the finishing touches on dinner, pasta with slow cooked tomato sauce. We eat on the terrace and stay there all night long and when I finally go to bed I do it with a smile because I know the next day will be exactly the same. 

My summer persona

I wish I could say I’m a city boii but I really love the smell of cows, picking flowers while wearing Birkenstock sandals and sexy mini shorts. Slutty country side artist.

Sandals, COS

My summer go to pieces

All things beige.  I’m feeling minimal and vintage things summer (I guess the editors will censor this since maximalism is queen at HOBNOB)(Editors note: I NEVER CENSOR) but I since I’ve watched countless documentaries about WWII this spring I’ll go for wide beige trousers with a linen shirt and a man-ballerina. The last guy I dated just got back together with his ex who lives around the corner from me so I want to look SEXY SEXY every day.

The outfit that saves me on a hot day

Uniqlo linen shirts and my latest purchase, wide white 90’s jeans from the brand ATTITUDE DENIM. Love it.

In my beach bag this summer

SPF 50 from sustainable and eco brand Bioregena and my leather sandals from COS. I put everything in my huge striped beach bag from H&M HOME.

The ultimate summer destination

Italy, always Italy. Hot and hairy men, pasta and hot sun – what else do you need for a perfect holiday?

Beauty hack this season

Sunscreen and a lot of aloe vera. My go-to post-sun bathing favorite is the After Sun Lotion from Dr Hauscka.

I never miss out on packing

My Berry #004 in black from Chimi and swim wear so small you can hardly see it. Cuban-collared shirts and beige pants. Also, I just pierced my ear and will do a gay version of Vermeers Girl with pearl earring with a pearl stud from Jane Koenig.

But I never end up wearing

Expensive items, I tend to cover them in sunscreen, sand and ice cream. Functional fashion before, uhm.. fashion…?

Published 26/06/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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