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Published 15/12/2021
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So we are now heading into te best season of the year: ski, ski and ski season. I can’t describe how excited I am to finally get into the long johns, heat up the sauna after a long day in the slopes and most of all: wear my ski wardrobe. As you know me and Fanny are not the most functional skiers in the slope, but yet as good. As in any occasion, the most important ting is to feel comfortable in what you wear. Right? Me and Fanny have really explored the ski fashion and landed all back in the 80’s, where I guess we nowadays find all of our inspiration to how we get dressed at colder latitudes. Let’s just say overalls, headbands and tucked in pants in ski boots. Yes, yes AND yes. 

Of course I already have a plan in mind what to wear this season, 80% is already in my closet but I have my eyes on some vintage catches I would love to get my hands on. In this very minute I am packing for our first ski trip this Thursday and I can’t almost not sleep because I am so excited. So we will see if I will succeed more in the slopes or at the Aprés, each event is as important as the other.

Get ready to get served less function and more fashion.

You more Miu Miu you better

Image courtesy of Vogue.

It is not a secret me and Fanny are the biggest fans of Miu Miu Mountain Club waking alive on this planet. Jesus this collection is my ENTIRE winter persona. Or well, maybe 80% of it. I still have some old character left from last season, haha.

But if I could, I would definitely invest in the all pieces I could lay my hands on. Me and Fanny accidentally rolled into the Rue Saint Honoré store in Paris and accidentally held a fashion show for the store staff. Well, it is what Miu Miu Mountain club does with you. We couldn’t help it.

All looks from Miu Miu.

Functional but never too functional.

Since my boyfriend is a professional skier and with other words his middle name IS functional, haha. Our first date were in Verbier and of course I wanted to impress and only wore super cool functional skiwear. But can you imagine when I went visiting him the first times up in Åre (the ski resort we always go skiing in when in Sweden) and pulling ups the other not so functional Moncler-fringe-piece after another? Haha, he was absolutely impressed but not sure how it would work in our of piste skiing. Well, I have realized that ”best of both worlds”, as the great Hannah Montana always says, is the best way to go. So for an example when we go touring for four hours in the middle of nowhere, a bit of functional pants is always a good road to ride. With a couple of sippers to let the air in, and some hooks to add on the water bottle. But I wouldn’t do it without balancing out with some Prada, no no. I have character. 

Vest, Prada via Vestiaire
Bag, Prada
Sunglasses, Balenciaga
Ski Pants, Peak Performance

Everything fringes

Oh lord, you can’t get too many fringes in one outfit. I really went bananas last season and bought (of course second hand) half of the Moncler genius collection of 2019. Also a great collection of second hand fringe shirts and jackets for a bit warmer days. This year I will not be worse, these pieces will be with me for a life time!

of bodysuits

It’s time bring back the overalls for good. If I had to choose one outfit to ski in forever if would be in an overall. Only minus is when you have to visit the ladies room, with other words not the best Aprés ski look but what the heck. It’s worth it.

Here are some really good I would like to invest in for the upcoming ski years.

Fanny is wearing a ski suit from Cordova, and I am wearing my fringe friend from Moncler.


Maybe the greatest (ski) accessory of 2022?

Yes her name is Miss Headband. Vintage, faux fur or new – doesn’t matter. No more bad (helmet) hair days, there is nothing a good headband can rescue. Last season me and Fanny found really great ones second hand, but this year we found this amazing faux fur one from Chanel that I hope I will pass on to my children. It is already iconic.

Furry boots

Boots, Chanel

Maybe not a surprise, but this is the comeback year of fury boots!

Yes I am totally obsessed with furry boots. They are not just the warmest shoes ever, they are also the pet I never got. Dog or not, I couldn’t be happier about by growing (winter) zoo at home.

Can’t wait to see the family when the season it’s over. A story that comes in, I guess, many more episodes. To be continued.

Chewbacca’s feet, Miu Miu

Published 15/12/2021

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