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Published 25/03/2020
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Image courtesy of Young Emperors
Image courtesy of Young Emperors

Twinning is winning has been a popular Instagram caption for quite some time. Yet I’ve never felt it was much winning at all, mostly uncomfortable (for me that is).

But recently my friend Gustav sent me a video of Young Emperors doing ski positions and I realized, twinning can be winning, everybody has just been doing it wrong!

Image courtesy of Young Emperors

And as it turns out, Young Emperors are not only twinning their wardrobes they are also engaged to be married.

This leads me to a question frequently asked in my group of friends. How much can one say about a significant other’s personal style without saying too much?

I remember my first boyfriend. I was 14 and so was he. We were typical teenagers in love. Very dramatic, too serious too soon. One text message without the usual heart emoji was a declaration for war. It was freaking exhausting.

But I also remember the way I thought about his style as a project. I have always been much for projects you see. And I have never been one to take on a project half-hearted.

I started out easy. Showed him some good-looking clothes online. He was not very interested. Then I took him for lunch in the city (does it really come as a surprise to you that I was kind of precocious???) and we just happened to visit some stores. After that, when I saw what he could be, I had created a monster. That monster was me.

Now, 10 years later I am a much more chill person. I am! I totally am. I am not trying to convince me, you are!!!!!

My boyfriend today, or actually fiancé as you all know, is very hard to persuade when it comes to him wearing something he does not want to wear. No matter how much I beg him and tell him how much it would mean to me if he wore wide linen trousers – he refuses.

I once had success and made him get a jacket I thought was super cool but he hated. Its still in his closet though and he likes to take it out once or twice a year, try it one and say this jacket is horrible why did I get it get it in the first place? And of course I never remind him that it was my idea, that would only be stupid.

The only thing I like about me not having any saying in his style is that it speaks for his integrity which I find super hot.

Image courtesy of Young Emperors
Image courtesy of Young Emperors

Let’s flip the coin for a second.

Would I take it well if he started giving me advise on how to dress? Let’s just say I’d know he want to break up with me but don’t have the guts to do it if he all of a sudden started giving me advice on how to dress.

“You think WHAT about these shoes not matching this top?? Come again??”

And it’s not like he haven’t tried. I had a thing for wearing two shirts over each other when we first started dating and he once tried to ask if I really had to wear two of them? If one wasn’t enough?

The next day I wore three shirts.

Image courtesy of Young Emperors

But I mean this was almost five years ago and we are still on. He has never tried to give me fashion advice again if I don’t ask for it.

So do people who share wardrobe have better relationships? Of course not. But there is something oddly fascinating about those who do. Like people who match their dogs perfectly. White-haired ladies with West Highland terriers or wildly curly men with large Poodles.

I envy them. Like I envy Young Emperors. Because ot only do they share a big interest and have fun with it and cool so chic while doing it (best videos of Instagram) they also share a shopping account.

Published 25/03/2020

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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