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Published 17/02/2020
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I have had an incredible vintage start of 2020.

Like really really crazy good. First we went on this vintage round in Stockholm as you can watch here where we found amazing bargains. Who even finds a 80’s mens trenchcoat from Yves Saint Laurent for 30€? Or Fanny who found a Fendi blazer for 40€??? Damn lucky bastards right! 

However, then we went to Copenhagen aka designer vintage heaven. This time I told myself way before that I have to save up money for all the fun things we are planning this upcoming spring, and also the fact that I already have so many good things in my closet rn. But then we by accident on the way home one night walked by Magnolia2hand and there, in the window, my dream blazer appeared. Fuck. 

It just screamed my name.

The Balenciaga Hourglass jacket

I wonder if there are any communities or facebook groups to join and chat about the same love and obsession I have over this blazers???

I have been longing and trying on several models for the past three years, but have never ever motivated why to spend that kind of money in one piece. And now, when it just appeared in Copenhagen, in MY SIZE, for a great price, and I just turned 25 – I couldn’t resist getting myself a belated 25th birthday present. (Best excuse, use it all the time)

Yves Saint Laurent T-shirt

Speaking of really good 80’s YSL bargains… (as we always do). I found this one at Lula 2ndhand Luxury, and I think wore it 5/7 seven days the week after haha. I love it. Except leather blazers and Levis jeans, I always look for cool tshirts when browsing in vintage stores. Can’t get too many good tshirts, right? T-shirt together with a pair of light blue denims is my only go-to-outfit during weekends. 

The perfect white leather blazer

As I just mentioned, I am on a constant hunt after colored leather blazers, and my latest addition to the collection is this white one. And no one has missed that (vintage, chrome free and vegan) leather is the new nylon. Right? Next one I hope is red, or very instant green.

20€ at Wasteland.

The Loewe Barcelona bag x Paulas Ibiza 2019 edition.

I have a Barcelona bag since earlier and will never ever sell it, the model of this bag is one of my favorites. Perfect size for any situation. Fits camera, snacks and keys. And since Loewe launched their first Paula’s Ibiza collection in 2017 I have collected one piece from each collection. Really the highlight of the year.

This year I got the trés cool fisherman’s hat, but couldn’t really stop drooling over this bag. But luckily my bank account stopped me before I did something too spontaneous, as I found this one on Vestiaire Collective to a hell of a bargain a couple of weeks ago.

As Hanna Montana would say; best of both worlds.

Valentines sweater

Fanny laughed so hard when I tried on this one, and I saw in her eyes she didn’t really agreed with me in my excitement when I referred to valentines day. I am a person who loves holidays and celebrations V.E.R.Y much. I just had to get it. So lucky me, my valentines outfit was done! 8€ at Wasteland. 

The mermaid dress

Yes, the dream catches just continues. Just after I found the Balenciaga hourglass blazer I said to Fanny “I only have one dream buy left now, the Helmstedt dress with fish print from last summer”. Two minutes later, we’re passing the Lula 2ndhand Luxury store and there it is, hanging in the window. WHAT ARE THE ODDS???

And my cousin graduates in June, outfit done.

Faithfull the brand hat

Another thing I am crazy for atm is hats. Maybe not as frequent user as I wish to be, but I am working on it. I have a plan to implement hats as one of my core accessories this spring. And with that said I am always on the hunt for more, the funnier shape and color the better! I came over this dreamy one from Faithfull the brand, also, at Lula 2ndhand Luxury for approximately 20€.

Really looking forward to our Italian vacay in June now. 

Winter boots

Well, this was maybe not a bargain. But my mom got tired (read: never used) these Loewe boots and guessed who was the first one to offer herself to take over them?

Want to get this lucky (and broke) too?

Here is a guide with all our favorite vintage stores.

Published 17/02/2020

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