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Published 13/03/2020
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Scrolling through the gram can inspire us all, so here I present to you three of my latest Instagram Obsessions


Emili serving us colors, patterns and hat inspo
Janka giving us editorial vibes
Freja leading the way on how to make your beach look all that

Big ones, small ones, colorful ones, neutral ones. Hand me all of them!!

Okay, so I’m not gonna lie… mentally I’m in summer, wearing skirts, dresses and hats.

Yes, definitely hats. I actually started getting obsessed last summer, with large ones. As you can see down below:

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Big Bang(s)

In combination of being tired of how your hair looks and trying not to destroy your hair just because you’re bored of it (talking from experience coloring my naturally dark brown hair blonde) – I was looking for less invasive options. Of course, Matilda Djerf gave me the answer to the question: CUT BANGS!!

Are you going full on bang, Babba style?
Or are you a curtain bang, like Frida?

So I went out looking for some inspiration… ‘out’ being cyber scrolling.

Oooor, maybe we should just go Hannah Montana style – and get the best of both worlds. Sania definitely pulls it of!

Last but not least…


Images via Ellen,
and of course Linn & Fanny

When it comes to eyewear, the sky is the limit!! Round, pointy, straight – whatever shape is yours to choose. Same goes with colors, size and tint. It’s one of the best accessories and can give any outfit that little extra. Also, it prevents half-closed eyes when taking pictures, making the options that many more. It’s a win-win situation for us all. Yay, glasses!!

Published 13/03/2020

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