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Published 14/01/2020
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Loewe’s latest campaign featuring Kaia Gerber

Can’t really handle this campaign Loewe just launched with Kaia Gerber. Isn’t she just the most beautiful girl ever??? In any shape she appears in. However, the Loewe campaign is shot in the heart of Isamu Noguchi’s Peace Garden in Paris. Located on the grounds of Maison de l’Unesco, designed in the late 1950’s to engender a feeling of meditative calmness.

I wanna get married in this dress.  Like now.

Looking for the perfect oversized suit?

My next purchase is nothing else than the P-E-R-F-E-C-T oversized suit.

I have had my eyes on this one from The Frankie Shop now, but can’t really decide if that’s the one or not. And if I am looking for a black, brown or beige one. Help a girl out if you have any suggestions! 

Party season is calling my name

I have been off the radar for three weeks now, and I can’t wait to get into the city mood again. Dress up, drink one or two glasses of bubbles on a Tuesday and have spontaneous nights with Fanny so we have to cancel the next day’s plans (only on weekends ofc). And I guess these will be my go-to looks until we can adjust to bare legs again HEHE. Well I can at least try

Pernille Teisbeaks ”old” feed 

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Warming up for a Chanello morning🏖

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Oh boy, this is my new go-to! I love (and still does ofc) Pernilles feed 1-2 years ago. I can’t get enough. I think I at least saved 8-10 pictures this week! Love the fact when it dosen’t particular have to be new and innovative content, I often scroll (very deep) down in many of the people I follow on IG’s feed to get some old and yet so great inspiration. Todays tip. 

Amazing chairs

As I am moving in two weeks (ah I am so nervous) I can’t really not not stay up and browse furniture, when I am supposed to sleep instead. Last night I put 2 extra hours browsing on Vestiaire and Bukowskis. Love to do that instead of Instagram. Way more relaxing. However, I am looking for some unique and not to big chair (or chairs) to have in our upcoming bedroom. Not too small, and not too big. If its too big it will mount Everest of my boyfriends stuff on it, and to small – it will stay on the floor instead. Haha. 

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All curled up. #LeNap #inspo

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New decade, bye past

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When you can’t wait for Paris tomorrow… 💘

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2020 mood via @emilisindlev.

Published 14/01/2020

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