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Published 17/01/2021
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As I have spent almost every day in PJ’s och various sweatpants since summer, I decided to go all in and dress up (only for myself though) during this Christmas holiday. Well, these days it means jeans and a nice blazer but I have to admit I felt so much better when I came home to Stockholm again.

Duvet or a jacket?

That is what my friend asked me the other day, haha. I had this coat thrown over a sofa at the office and I sent her a picture of the chair beside it and she replied and asked “are you going to sleep at the office or why do you have a duvet there?” haha.

This is, however, my best 30€ ever spent. Keeping me warm for the second winter in a row now, and also perfect substitute to a duvet when I have to leave my bed when I don’t want to. That was basically my feeling the three first days of the holidays, I think I slept 14h each night between 19th and 24th December. The very few times I left my parents house I looked exactly like this.

Coat, Vintage
Jeans, Levi’s vintage
Loafers, Prada
Hat, Emma Brewin

Blanket as big
as the lack of sun
we had in December


We had exactly 2 hours of sun in Stockholm during the entire December month. Can you imagine? It was by then I realized how depending I really am of the suns presence. Almost one hour from Gothenburg the first rays of sun appeared and I screamed to my boyfriend “STOP THE CAR”. I went out to just inhale a deep breath of air catch some long lost D-vitamin.

Balaclava, Arket. Scarf, Loewe. Coat, Balenciaga. Suit, H&M

Cheers to 2021, goodbye 2020

How long did you think I planned this outfit for New Years? Almost two months. I found this dress in the end of September but kept it waiting a little longer before I finally ordered it (after many rounds of price offers at Vestiaire), in the beginning of November. Do you think I screamed when it arrived? I almost considered to save it for my (hopefully) future wedding. The shapes and the heavy silk makes it like an art piece.

Dress, Old Céline via Vestiaire Collective (here in red at Ebay).
Headpiece, Arket (sale)
Heels, Bottega Veneta

Grass is greener in 2021

First day of January and also the new year I decided to overcome my hangover and dressed up in my top 5 best catches during 2020: this Prada blazer. It can hide any hangover or save the most boring outfit ever. Wherever I go, I always bring it. Either if we are going to our summer house or fashion week in Paris.

Blazer, Prada
Pants, Hjosberg
Bag, Vintage Chanel
Boots, Bottega Veneta

Knitted pants
are the new sweatpants

Are we ready to cut the umbilical cord to the sweat pants trend? I am! Been living in this set since I got it two days after the New Years. Love to dress it up with a cool blazer and my best pair of boots. Will be my uniform until the snow goes away.

Knitted set, Loewe via Vestiaire Collective. Blazer, Ellery. Bag, Bottega Veneta. Sunglasses, Chimi Eyewear.

Pre birthday night

The Christmas holidays always includes a certain persons birthday too. Can you guess who? Haha. Yes my birthday is the 4th of January, just in time when the New Years hangover have passed its best before date. This outfit is my absolutely favorite one and I will wear exactly the same set up many many more times.

Dress, Old Céline via Vestiaire Collective.
Bag, Bottega Veneta (on sale here)
Shoes, Bottega Veneta

My new hot BFF

Last but not least. My new hourglass coat from Balenciaga, it has been a dream to one day own it. And now the day is here. Under this years Christmas tree my grandma had hidden a secret gift for me, which included this amazing coat. Can you imagine. With this and the white vintage puffer I will survive any winter from now on.

The glitter boots will need an own article, so I will save them for later.

Coat, Balenciaga
Bag, Prada
Boots, Chanel via Vestiaire Collective
Sunglasses, Céline

Published 17/01/2021

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