My 5 first City looks Post Summer Vacation

Published 09/08/2020
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It was a bit surrelistic feeling to coming back to the city where everything seemed pretty normal. But as every year, the summer doesn’t last forever. Me and Fanny had to go back to work for two weeks and it has been a blast. And one thing I realized: I have really missed my closet! Feels like a quote from SATC.

I have also made some really good sale scoops during the 70% online sale too, and what couldn’t be a better way to start a work week by wearing them? 


First of all, I love wearing a really good outfit on Mondays. As I am often very tired on Mondays (hehe) it somehow gives me energy to be excited during the entire week.  

Shirt, Arket
Bra, JW Anderson
Leather shorts, Remain Birger Christensen
Boots, Old Céline

I am not a huge fan of underwear, I of course like wearing good ones, but I have never been very fascinated of the teeny tiny lace ones. As I understand many others are. But when I saw this embellished bra from JW Anderson last spring I screamed: HERE IS MY KIND OF UNDERWEAR. Haha. The ones you can wear outside your clothes! I love how this bra can sparkle up any kind of outfit. Everything from a black cashmere sweater to a fancy evening dress. 

Also got this shirt the other day (not on sale unfortunately) and its the perfect shade of ”dirty” yellow. Love how good the bra and this shirt goes together. 


One piece in my closet that I have really missed this summer (as I forgot to pack it) is this orange Prada dream! Found it vintage in London for almost no money at all. Love that it is transparent and easy to wear in so many ways, as it is so light.

Stole my moms pink Corduroy pants a couple of months ago and will never ever return them (sorry mom), even if they almost hurts your eyes with that bring pink color, it goes surprisingly good with almost every piece in my closet.

With no exception for this Prada dress.

Wasn’t this an extremely good combination? Like a candy you never want to eat, bc it looks to good. Well, it kind of felt that way. 

Also Tuesdays are the most boring days of the week, perfect day to dress up.

Dress, Prada
Pants, Old Céline
Shoes, Gucci
Bag, Bottega Ventea


And we are halfway through the work week.

Always something to celebrate, right? In Sweden we also call it ”mini Saturday”, probably bc we want to have something or a reason to have a glass of wine. Haha. 

When I bought this skirt at sale in the beginning of the summer my mom was so funny. She thought it was truly amazing, but she never thought I was gonna wear it! Like a piece of art that justs hangs in the closet, that it is too beautiful to wear. But no no, if I buy it I am of course wearing it! So this Wednesday we also celebrated Fannys 26th birthday – perfect occasion to wear it. Would not recommend to go shopping with it though, a bit wide and very easy to tear stuff down. But perfect for social distancing! And 100% Voi-approved. 

Skirt, Loewe
T-shirt, Nathalie Schuterman brand
Flip flops, Havianas
Bff, Fanny Ekstrand


Followed yesterdays yellow theme (yes, that is my current favorite color) and wore my new Prada top aka best sale catch ever. Found it on 70% with an extra 20% at check out, does that even happen? However it arrived right on time to my Thursday look.

I will definitely wear this look again, again and again. Love it.

Top, Prada
Pants, Zara
Mules, Balenciaga


It was the hottest day in Stockholm this year so far, and I of course chose to wear a thick crochet dress with a puff top underneath.

If it was hot? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

Also planning to wear this dress with a white cashmere instead of the blouse when it gets colder, how nice?

To be continued on that one for sure.

Published 09/08/2020

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