Midsummer Isn’t Always Perfect, But Your Outfit Can Be

Published 16/06/2020
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Photo, Beata C/Acne
Models, Binta B & Alice B/ Mikas
Make, Jennie Jonsson

It arrives like that super punctual friend you had that one time (maybe it’s you?) every year. Beginning of summer, end of June. Midsummer nights eve. Famous all over the world for many reasons, but lately mostly for seeming like a cult thing where Swedes sacrifices visitors in strange ceremonies. If you haven’t seen the movie you have no idea what I am talking about (here’s the trailer). Maybe you are completely new to Swedish summer and the tradition Midsummer. If so, welcome. I’ll explain it quickly.

So every year around end June we come together, families and friends of all ages. Midsummer always occurs on a Friday and this year it’s Friday the 19th. So basically what it’s all about is celebrating the brightest day of the year and this we do by dancing around the Midsummer’s pole and eating a lot of potatoes, strawberries and herrings. Yes all together at the same time. Oh yes, and the Midsummer’s pole has the shape of a dick and it’s supposed to represent fertility and this is why so many babies are born end February-start March. We also play a lot of games like cricket and drink shots out of small bottles that tastes like cumin, fennel and dill. Then we stay up really late and right before we go to bed we pick 7 kinds of flowers in silence and put under our pillow. And if you are really lucky you end up dreaming about the person you will marry. This is if you are not busy making a baby with the blessing of the Midsummer’s pole.

Sounds fun? Of course it is! Is the outfit a bigger issue than the actual party? It wouldn’t be a party without that amazing anxiety.

Practicality can be a good thing to have in mind when dressing for a Midsummer’s Eve party. Since it is the longest night of the year, you’d want to be kind to your feet. Also, bikini briefs make for good pants as long as you don’t mind the mosquitos. To your advantage is though that you will be the quickest one to get in the lake for a midnight swim.

White top, Cecilie Bahnsen via Nathalie Schuterman
Bikini briefs, Scampi
Sandals, Chanel

Blue top, Cecilie Bahnsen via Nathalie Schuterman
Leather shorts, vintage
Sandals, Chanel

Dress, Toteme
Hat, Jacquemus at Nathalie Schuterman
Thong sandals, H&M
Earrings, Monki

Midsummer’s Eve might not be the time for bright neon colors like every other night of the year so clearly is??

Leather coat, Loewe
Flower top, By Malene Birger
Zebra trousers, By Malene Birger
Sandals, Chanel
Earrings, Louis Abel

And don’t forget your flowers!

Blue dress, Jacquemus
Yellow dress, Jacquemus

Accessorizing with hats instead of flower crowns.

Coachella might have ruined flower crowns forever but they have yet not taken a chance on great hats.

Also, any Swede would sign off on the combination rain jacket and fancy dress for Midsummer because somehow the weather is always bad.

Flower hat, Etro
Beige dress, & Other Stories
Mules, Arket

Straw hat, H&M
Rain jacket, Proenza Schouler
Leather shorts, & Other Stories
Earrings, Céline
Platform sandals, BOYY

The plate look

Is always a winning one for midsummer. It does not get more Scandi summer than the combination of white and blue. Preferably with flowers in the mix.

If you feel like your grandmothers teacups you are on the right path.

Top, Khaite via Nathalie Schuterman
Silk shorts, & Other Stories

Dress, & Other Stories

Straw bag big enough to fit flowers for all your marriages!

Swimsuit, Scampi
Straw bag, Jacquemus at Nathalie Schuterman
Sunglasses, Loewe

Dress, By Malene Birger
Earrings, Balenciaga at Schuterman
Sunglasses, Loewe

White dress, Khaite
Black dress, Khaite

Dill flavored liquor, flowers and dances in the bright night aside. Midsummer’s Eve is about gathering friends and family, celebrating that once again you all have survived the cold winter

Published 16/06/2020

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