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Published 23/08/2019
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I find transitional dressing to be the hardest. When spring is turning into summer, fall into winter but most of all when summer turn into fall. Like how in Gods name are you supposed to change your set of mind from loose fit clothing with potential toothpaste stain nobody cares about to proper city outfits that needs to be able to handle both office and after-work drinks environment? I get a minor WD. Wardrobe depression. For some weeks, I feel like a prisoner in my own closet. Then I get up and realize I have bigger issues than my jeans being too tight.

So, to help you (or myself really) all out with this, I have gathered some wise words to live by.

Neon is still a thing

It is! I promise! As long as it’s not worn together with bike shorts. Jk but not really. We’ve seen that all summer.

Right now I want to wear neon layered up for a more dressed look. I also want to wear it to show off my tan bc yes, the tan will not stay forever and I want to make the most out of it.

Check neon dress, Ganni
Ruffle blouse, Dolce & Gabbana

Hawaii shirt, Prada
Neon slip-skirt, Asos

The Baby doll dress is queen of transitional dressing

I know this to be true because everybody looks good in a baby doll dress. Try one in a less dolly color to avoid the kiddy party look.

The tan doesn’t come with the dress. Unfortunately.

Dress, Nelly
Headband, Prada


Skirt, Stella McCartney
Bag, ATP Atelier
Heels, Dear Frances
T-shirt, Weekday

Yes so python is absolutely a thing right now. I adore it in all forms but I tend to be drawn to pants, skirts and accessories. I just got the perfect vintage python pants off eBay.

So, need to add something new and patterned to your fall closet? Go for python.

Tank tops

Tank, Weekday
Skirt, Tiger of Sweden
Scarf, vintage

The largest micro trend (if that’s even a thing) from this summer is still very now. Take your tank top with you when you storage your vacation wardrobe and make it hang out with more dressed up pieces like pencil skirts and lady scarves (or you know do the opposite and wear some sporty shorts).

Feeling chilly? Add an unbuttoned shirt like it was 1991 or a big blazer.

Shorts suits are the cool version of your regular suit

Suit, Arket
Strap heels, COS

Or at least it act like it is???

This in-between season I will enter all important meetings in a shorts suit together with some strappy heels and a basic t-shirt. I will do the same with every unimportant meeting as well.

And regarding party advices

I will give two:

Blazer dresses.

Aperol Spritz (it’s not just a summer drink it works all year around!!)

Frankie Shop


Rotate Birger Christensen

Rotate Birger Christensen

Mini bags

Yes to mini bags at all times.

And along with them comes the bigger bags since you need something to actually put all the junk you are carrying around.

Mini bag, ATP Atelier

Carrie Bradshaw approved heels

If nothing else works, swapping your Birkenstocks for stilettos will make you feel like regular life is back after vacation.

Satin heels, Manolo Blahnik

Published 23/08/2019

Fanny Ekstrand is a writer, creative consultant and founder of Hobnob. She says she is the master of vintage shopping and knows all the pasta dishes in the world.

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