Micro trend: The Bib

But you can call him Dickie too.

Published 01/10/2019
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Remember the dickie you wore under your overalls as a child? Like a scarf but a scarf you would not be able to hurt yourself with if you got stuck in a swing. And also kind of like a turtleneck but not a turtleneck you’d get too warm in.

It’s called a Bib now and it’s very cool and very okay to wear even if you are over the age of 6 (which you most likely are considering you are reading this).

The given way of wearing the bib would be under a coat or a jacket. But what if you let the Bib go solo? Be the main attraction?

So, you can wear you bib under your overall stil I you like, but it’s way cooler to do it over a blazer.

Maybe a leather one? Let your bib do the talking.

Or you know, skip the blazer and layer it over another knit!

First look
Bib, Arket
Leather blazer, Arket
Pants, Uniqlo
Sandals, Céline

Second look
Bib, Arket
Knit, Weekday
Python pants, second hand
Heels, Sania d’mina






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Published 01/10/2019

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