Trust Copenhagen About Matching Shoes to Your Outfit

Published 02/02/2020
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Some trends become all you can see the first time you see it. You walk out the show venue and all you can think about is how this specific garment or styling will be all over in a few months. Or maybe just how you can use this detail and renew your wardrobe. It’s pretty cool actually, how one thing can start up your entire brain office and they’ll be like (the ones working in the brain office of course) cool, how we have all these new ideas thanks to one little deet.

And some trends are nothing like it at all. But there is this old saying that three is a trend, so this was absolutely one.

I am gonna headline it again.

Would you consider matching your entire outfit with boots in the same pattern?

Because according to Copenhagen Fashion Week you definitely should.

Image Courtesy of Munthe

Take Munthe for example. Not only did they pattern co-ordinate tops and shoes, but the whole runway.

Image Courtesy of Munthe

Small checks in many different colors that were put together into a bigger pattern. And of course, shoes.

Of course, this is the mellow way of matching your outfit with your shoes. I mean, this could be a leather top and leather boots and I would never have noticed.

It’s not though.

Gestuz too wanted in on this

I could totally see myself in this. That was not what I was gonna say about this, but this look is very cool.

Snake skirt with matching boots is cracking it up a notch. However the snake makes in very wearable after all.

And now we are on deep water you guys. Baum und Pferdgarten went all in with this sweet flower pattern and liked it so much they asked Swedish Hasbeens to create a matching wooden shoe boots. This might come off as strange but Swedish Hasbeens only make wooden shoes so it’s really not.

Underneath that dreamy pink organza cloud is tights and a turtleneck and boots which means it’s a complete look and this is our final stop. I am gonna Carrie Bradshaw it:

I could help but wonder. Is this an anti-movement to this whole wearableness thing the fashion business has going on? Or is this really just a try to find the next great thing after color coordinated outfits. Either way, it will look great in fashion jobs of the magazines and on the street style scene next summer. But it also has me thinking, creating these looks, what came first the boots or the trousers?

Published 02/02/2020

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