London Fashion Week is serving full menu excellence

I will have it all, starter main course and to finish off some desert!

Published 18/09/2019
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For someone who’s knowledge about British fashion is limited to Burberry and JW Anderson, I am stunned. Hey, New York was good, but London is kind of making my jaw drop. And I haven’t felt that about fashion in some time. Actually I am pretty confused right now. Stuck between maximalism and minimalism.

Rejina Pyo

“I’m not a fantasy fashion designer. I’m fascinated by people’s lives. And I want my clothes to live in their lives, and their wardrobes” as Rejina told Vogue Runway.

I for one really really want Rejina to be in both my wardrobe and my life ASAP.

Is ‘wearable’ the biggest trend of SS20 or what???

Molly Goddard

Ohhh I spoke too soon didn’t I? Tulle hasn’t been wearable since French revolution, or it was only if your main job was bossing other people (not wearing tulle) around and eating tremendous volumes of cake, but man it’s pretty. Some things never change.


Ah, there is that post Philo minimalism I was talking about during New York fashion week. But made brand new. Now this is a minimalism train I’d love to get myself a ticket too. Old Céline meets Rachel Greene meets early Jacquemus. If I must compare which I rather wouldn’t. But I am signing up for early notice when the collection is dropping.


I am so stealing this styling trick for tomorrow. Genius.

Linn actually sent me this dress telling me this is what she is wearing to my wedding next summer. I am totally okay with it.

I always dying for the flowers of Erdem and please can we all just make long gloves come back? It’s chic in a way only something deeply impractical can be chic.

Victoria Beckham

BRB running to my closet and copying this color combination for work tomorrow. No but seriously.

So masculine feminin, glamorous, chic and luxe. Appreciate every look Posh sent down the runway but there was something about those sharp collar shirts.

Simone Rocha

Rocha, the Brit queen of occasion wear. Like old English china but make it fashion.

JW Anderson

JW has been on my favorite list for quite some time. I love what he is doing at both his own brand and for Loewe. This collection was no exception. I appreciate the Brit flirt too with the small flower patterns and updated trenchcoats.

I had pretty high expectations on Burberry simply because I love the Brit grunge thing they’ve had going on lately. And even if all my prediction left me feeling like there could have been more, I loved this extra long coat with the tone-in-tone layering action.


All images via Vogue Runway.

Published 18/09/2019

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