Linn’s Love Story With Riksgränsen

I have dreamed of midnight skiing ever since I was a child. 15 years later I got to experience the little ski town of Riksgränsen and I fell in love with the unforced vibe and majestic scenery.  

I have always had a romantic idea of Riksgränsen, since my dad told me about it once when I was 10 years old. We planned that one day we would go midsummer skiing (the sun never sets during early summer) up in Riksgränsen. I don’t know why, but I have always fantasized about skiing under pink skies and never ending mountains. Then again, it sounds like the perfect dream to me. 

The love wasn’t instant, but I was the vibe that made me fall at last. It’s far from glam, gluwein and fancy Miu Miu looks. Riksgränsen is a free ride skier’s dream, hamburgers without dressing and tap beer. And that’s what makes it so charming. Everything circulates around the passion for skiing and the mountains. The area is the dream for skiers who seek powder and playful lines, but also skiers who look for small. Riksgränsen is a small system but has great snow and views. 

Midnight sun is something one can experience during May and June high up in Sweden, and it’s even more magical in real life. This is the time to visit! Midnight touring is by far the most beautiful nature experience I ever had! My boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary by hiking one hour up a mountain at 11pm in the evening, and watched the pink sky over a glass of wine. Then I skied down in a full Loewe look, so I guess you can’t take me anywhere…

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Where to stay

There are three good hotels in the area: The sports hotel called Hotell Riksgränsen, a slightly more upscale choice is Meteorologen and the beautiful Niehku. My favorite is Meteorologen. Low key fine dining with its roots in the northern Swedish culture. And a great wine cellar.

Image Courtesy of Meteorologen

Where to eat

There are only two places to go, either pizza buffé or a sandwich café. But either is great since almost everything tastes good after a couple of great runs. 

Where can you find the best drink on the mountain?The best drink is found just below the mountain, at Grönan. This mythical après bar goes generations back in time and doesn’t make any fuss about fancy cocktails. Beer or a Pajala Sunrise is what you get here (please google Pajala Sunrise). 

Image Courtesy of HeliScan

And don’t miss out on this…

Riksgränsen is actually one of few places in Sweden who offer heli skiing. So, if you are up for a midnight heli-adventure, This is the place to go.

Published 05/03/2022

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